Countrywide Quicksand
Running Time 107 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Countrywide Quicksand is just what it says. From the Wild West, to the mucky Mid-West and to the sultry South-East, this video brings non stop sinking action to you in quality and style.  Sexy actresses play out a variety of themes in awesome natural locales as well as at the newly developed Studio 588.  
Invest in this video. You won't be disappointed!
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This tape begins with Jen and Jenna exploring desert quicksand. It's Jen's first time, so we get to witness the rush she feels the first time her feet slide into the soft ground. A great way to warm up!
Next, Jenna is tied up and then cast off into a dangerous wilderness. She's hopelessly lost by the time she stumbles into yet more bondage. Will she escape?
Then, we see Janice and Sasha desperately thirsty and baking in the desert heat. They see water ahead, but is it safe? 
The danger they imagine is not the danger they ultimately face as the water hole becomes a potential death trap!
Next, Jenna acts out a dreamy descent into a bog at night. Lit by bamboo torches, she looks elegant in a long evening gown. This unique fantasy scene shows the early fruits of a huge effort being put into Studio 588.
Lastly, a tale of ambition run amuck when Jenna tries to eliminate all competition in 'The Rookie'.  Will justice be served?  Buy this video and find out!
Also, as a bonus feature, a scene which just didn't work out - no matter how hard we tried. This location was great when we shot the opening of QSN#1, but when we came back a couple days later, a rain storm had changed the area and our idea for a story was literally washed away. What was left was footage of a lot of good sinking starts with no finish. 
It's good fun though. And you get to see what great sports Jenna and Janice truly are.   :)
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