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Want to see out latest DVD-R installment? Check out -  Quicksand, Hang on Tight #1 - the first look at our incredible 2014 season!

Also, now there's sinking from the tropics! Check Out  Island Quicksand #8   And, speaking of the material produced in conjunction with Tropical Shots Media, it has it's own page here.

And, did you know that all of our DVDs are now available for download! Check the FAQ page for more information about this service...

And don't miss the last of our vintage material trilogy, Quicksand Arousal
.  Go to the videos area and have a peak!

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Also, we have upgraded our shopping cart. The new version has Pay-pal integrated into it! 

And finally, thanks for visiting. This site is dedicated to the art and drama of quicksand, as interpreted and supported by talented and dedicated individuals. 


Dave Lodoski

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