Inevitably Quicksand
Running Time 3 hours, 9 minutes    Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Quicksand really should be in every movie and TV show that is even close to appropriate in a boggy sort of way. But it's not, and so that is why for us at least, it is inevitable. 
Inevitably Quicksand features six new vignettes and introduces Jessica Marsh, a talented and multifaceted actress who will surprise you with her range of attractive looks and emotions.
Jessica is a natural in front of the camera and we're very happy to feature her on this DVD. 
So watch as
Jessica, Lena, Paris and Brittany, show just how inevitable quicksand can be.
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First, Jessica explores the Studio588 peat pit for the First Time. She starts out probing the depths wearing shorts and a tank top. The bog squelches with every step and her breathing becomes noticeable as she sinks deeper and deeper. After a brief struggle to get out, she takes off her top and acts out a fearful response to sinking. Lastly, she goes topless and displays an erotic reaction. 
There are lots of great shots of her struggling in the thick and bubbly pit. A great start for this DVD

Next, Lena plays a Pirate Chick who is forced to walk the plank into a pit of sucking clay. What can we say? It was her idea!
Then, Brittany is seen running from the scene of a bloody crime. She wants to strip off her incriminating clothes and lose her scent in a river, but a dangerous bog intervenes....
Next, Jessica explores a wonderful sinky spot in the desert. She wears a lacy see-thru dress and fishnet stocking and repeatedly sinks into deceptively saturated mud and silt. After thoroughly plastering it all over and in her hair, she submits to the all-over feel of the mud. Nice!
Then, we present Botany Final, a popular story penned by Foster Blake. Jessica and Paris play college coeds out to take pictures of the deep woods flora. At the top of their list is obtaining a photo of the extremely rare Secludus Indaswampicus. Snapping a photo of this flower will not only mean they have aced the final, but could make them famous botanists as well. As may be apparent, the danger they will face is inevitable, but what about the outcome?
Lastly, in Radio Call, Paris plays a seductress that calls her victims to her by two-way radio. Once she gets them in the right spot, they find out what really gets Paris going. Will Paris pay for her evil ways? Watch and see....
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