Quicksand CD 'Private Collection'

MPV Introduces a very special photo CD!

This CD features six glamour fantasy photo sets by Duncan Edwards.
 At $30 this CD is a tremendous value. Don't miss out!

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Yes, the Lucy series is here! Duncan shot this series back in '98 and decided to wait until he had more material to make a worthwhile CD. Lucy did a great job posing for this set.
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Skylar posed for a set during the 2000 season. There's a great progression of her descending with a resigned look on her face.
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Kristine makes a splash (or is that a glup?) with three new photo sets shot this past season on the banks of the Mississippi. Duncan didn't shoot any video, but instead concentrated on taking some very artistic photos. Kristine will no doubt add to her growing reputation as the queen of mid-western bogs!
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Also featured is a stunning set featuring Mina and Lucy together. This series is incredibly detailed and follows the sisters as first one, and then the other enter the bottomless mud and slips under. Incredible!
The Private Collection   Photo CD  $30 

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