Non Stop Quicksand
Running Time 118 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Non Stop Quicksand continues the MPV tradition of maximum value and sinking sophistication! 
Brittany, Jenna West, Kristine and Pamela Rose know how to act and this title proves it. 
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First, we're pleased to welcome Brittany from Messy Fun. She deftly plays a golfer trying to hack her way back to the fairway. But fate intervenes as her ball lands into a particularly dangerous trap. She should have taken a drop but instead, the mud gets the drop on her...

Next, Jenna plays a desert explorer that lands in a sticky mess. What fate awaits her as she sinks deeper and deeper?
Then, Kristine is lost in thick brush and finds the wrong kind of opening. Her sense of relief melts away just like the ground under her feet as she slowly sinks into thick black ooze!
Next, Pamela Rose acts out a fantasy scene by slipping into a torch-lit bog. She gives the scene her unique touch as the camera leaves her in a trance deep in the quaking bog.
Lastly, Jenna and Kristine play love rivals in a tale of treachery and turnabout! This is a well acted and well directed story that could stand alone but is offered here with many other outstanding scenes. Seen enough? Add this video to your collection! You won't be disappointed.

Also, as a bonus feature, a scene that ended abruptly when Brittany got stuck in the quicksand. She was playing a desert babe silently escaping an unseen assailant. We knew something was wrong when she broke the silence to tell us she was stuck. The struggle to get her out tired out her and half the crew, so that was the end of that! She did look lovely though, so we include that beginning footage here.
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