Quicksand, Help Me!
Running Time 122 Minutes    Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
That's right - go ahead and yell!
See if help arrives while you take in another bevy of sinking vignettes.
This time it's
Lena Ramon, Paris Kennedy, Darby O'Riley, Kym, Sarai, Stephanie and Mina.
As you can see, help is on the way..
Trailer now available!!
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First, Lena is the Security Girl who is after Paris, a high technology bandit who has made off with several optical discs worth a fortune.
See what happens when Lena catches up with Paris, and what happens when justice catches up with her as well....

Next, Lena is a Compulsive Sinker who just can't kick the habit! She shows up at one of her favorite spots "just to look".
Well, one thing leads to another and several weeks of group therapy go down the drain. Help Me? Not for Lena!
Then, Darby turns out to be one of those people who just doesn't believe that quicksand exists! So Kym leads her to spot that is sure to change her mind.
After all, for the quicksand non-believer, there's nothing like
Soft Evidence.
In Location is EverythingSarai is a real estate agent checking out a remote plot of land. "Can you hear me now? Then help me!"
And we're pretty sure that real estate agents and cell phones are new to this genre....
Then, Lena channels Blair, a southern queen having car trouble. This offering is truly a community effort. The story and wardrobe are courtesy of Foster Blake.
It marks the debut of director Michael Miller (Lord Muck), and was filmed at Studio 588 with the assistance of Duncan Edwards and David Brand.
With all that, who needs Lena? We all do! Buy this DVD and see why...

Also included is a seldom seen early version of Tanks for Nothing, featuring Mina and Stephanie. Stephanie wakes up on a hot day and discovers that there's no water in the house.
Lucky for her, Mina is a light sleeper, because she does find out where the water went...

Finally, as another bonus scene, we offer footage of Kym struggling through thick mud at the beginning of an mud arousal scene.
If you enjoyed Kristine's White Bra and Panty scene, you'll like this too!
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QSHM Trailer
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