Quicksand Impressions
Running Time 2 hours, 17 minutes   Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
After a long break from original quicksand collections, here is finally another quality collection of dramatic and fantasy interpretations. Included are six segments created for the viewing pleasure of those who find sinking tales irresistible.  
Quicksand Impressions introduces Lena Ramon, a gifted and stimulating actress. She takes the concept of women in quicksand to new levels of energy and intensity. This title includes five new scenes and an old favorite, as well as the usual extra outtake and clean-up footage. As with all MPV releases, this will be one to come back to time after time. 
So let
Lena, Pamela Rose, Kristine, Jenna and Brittany make an impression on you!
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First, Lena plays an impatient member of a fox hunt who is looking for a wayward hound. Perhaps she and her dog should have stayed with the pack....

Next, Kristine and Pamela Rose discover a mysterious pit of mud. After Kristine measures the depth with more than just a stick, Pamela also finds herself in too deep. She also finds herself deep in Kristine's arms. What will become of these very close friends?
Then, Lena is a nudist who has wandered away from her desert camp. She finds herself in need of rescue when a familiar face happens by. What will her reaction be when she finds out what her rescuer really wants?
Next, Jenna plays an attractive nymph taking a stroll through the woods on a hot summer day. After a dip in a murky pond fails to cool her off, she goes topless. The heat must have made her woozy because she then blunders into a deceptive peat bog. Will she escape?
Then, Kristine tries to cross a muddy creak bed. There is something special about how Kristine sinks in deep thick mud - and this scene captures it in style. Folks who have seen this segment before will be pleasantly surprised at how well it has been restored.
Lastly, a twisted tale of sadism as dominant Maxine (Brittany) toys with Lena and a special peat bog. The bog itself is nasty, but when Maxine pushes a certain button, Lena is rapidly pulled down and under. What happens when Maxine takes too much delight in pushing the button? Will she get what she deserves?
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