Quicksand, Naturally #1
Running Time 117 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Quicksand, Naturally #1 was shot digitally at natural locations, and was our first that was edited and also mastered digitally. Buy this tape and experience babes sinking in a way never before possible - anywhere!
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This tape begins with Janice and Jenna exploring quicksand along the banks of the Mississippi River. You can clearly see how the sand melts away under their feet as they sink in early evening soft light. What a warm-up!
Next, Jenna and Jen are two naive show girl hopefuls that have been dumped in the desert by a couple of shady show producers. Probable date rape victims, do they have the wits to survive the harsh wilderness?
Then, we see Jenna sporting a little black dress and blundering into a heap of trouble. After she loses her dress in a bid to free herself, she realizes that if someone doesn't come along, she'll sink from sight!
Next, Janice and Jenna are out looking for some pot plants planted by Janices boyfriend. Jenna is eager to get her hands on the weed, and isn't about to let "a little mud" get in the way. Or will it?
'Planting Pamela' picks up where SWDM1 left off with this dominant/submissive/mud relationship. There's real agitation between these two as Kristine rigs up Pamela in a rather cruel yoke and forces her into sticky and very thick muck. How will this turn out?
Lastly, Sasha leads Janice to a very dangerous mud bowl and enjoys watching her first struggle and then get stuck in the sticky mud. After cruelly helping Janice 'go all the way', she gets a surprise of her own.....  
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QSN1 Trailer
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