Quicksand, Naturally #2
Running Time 116 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Quicksand, Naturally #2 was shot digitally at natural locations, was edited and also mastered digitally.
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This DVD-R begins with Janice and Jenna exploring quicksand along the banks of a large reservoir. This scene was shot with a single camera due to some folks nearby, but it's still fun to watch because it was Jenna's initiation to the oozing side of life!
Next, Jenna turns in an incredible performance which ends up 'Hysterical'.  As she wanders into bottomless muck, her reaction flows from irritated to amused to concerned. She then progresses through fear, repulsion, terror and beyond. A remarkable performance from a beautiful and gifted actress.
Then, we see Janice exploring and struggling in riverbank mud. This scene also suffered from distractions (mainly a previously unnoticed beehive overhead) but was a pleasant surprise to review afterwards. Janice is a robust and healthy woman and watching her get physical with this thick mud is invigorating to say the least!
Next, Janice and Violet go 'Swimming' but their path to the water leads stubborn Violet into deadly sucking slime. She struggles for her life until Janice works up the nerve to help. With no rope or branch to help out, will she be able to rescue her companion?
'Agendas' is an epic quicksand segment featuring Kristine and Pamela Rose in a story of lust and condemnation. Kristine has brought Pam to her childhood mudding area for some fun and relaxation. Pam doesn't know much about mud or the outdoors for that matter but she knows she wants Kristine!  After Kristine has had enough of Pam and her unwanted advances, she leads Pam to some special mud. Things finally seem to be going Kristine's way until she takes just a little too much interest in taking her anger out on Pam and her hidden agenda.....
Also, as a special bonus feature, Lucy is seen modeling in a quicksand photo shoot back in 1998. Watch and listen while Duncan Edwards puts Lucy (and himself!) through the sinking paces. Lovely Lucy was quite a sport as she patiently allowed Duncan to chronicle her descent into the quicksand. What a treat!
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