Quicksand Variety Pack
Running Time 2 hours, 55 minutes    Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Variety is the spice of life! These vignettes take the viewer on a sinking adventure with quality and style. Enjoy watching newcomer Chloe Sinclair, as well as Lena Ramon, Jessica Marsh, Brittany, Kristine, Pamela Rose, Maggie and Brandi while they entertain in an assortment of locations and sensations.
Yet another well crafted quicksand video!
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First, meet Chloe! She's a lot of fun packed into a very compact package. Here she is captured Losing Her Sinking Virginity to a bottomless slurry pit!
She wanders into the area wearing very high platform heels and then proceeds to sink several times. She got a kick out of it and so will you!

Next, Lena plays an Ice Skater who has been chloroformed and left in the deep woods. She wakes up to find a note explaining that her skates are
in the woods as well - and that it's up to her to find them and try to make it to the competition on time.
See what happens when she stumbles into a sticky and deep mud pit while looking for her skates....
Then, Jessica slithers her lanky body into deep desert silt and treats herself to the feeling. This is really Deep Fun!
Next, in Stuck Boots, Brittany ponders an encounter with sticky clay while wearing some nice boots. She experiments with how the stuff holds and sticks to her boots until an extra step sends her sliding deep into the pit. She then rips off her shirt and revels in the deep pleasure she has discovered...
Then, we take a trip down memory lane and re-release a classic 3-part vignette. Kristine has Pamela Rose trussed as her Bondage Bitch. She drags her into deep ooze and taunts her. But Pamela ends up disappearing under the surface. So Kristine herds Maggie into the same spot - and the same thing happens! Convinced that both Pam and Maggie were defective mud partners, Kristine tries to prove to herself that it shouldn't have happened.
Then, Lena goes for some Actress Practice on the set of a horror flick. She's got an important part in the movie and wants to nail the quicksand scene, which is to be shot the next day. So she sneaks onto the set at night to practice her reactions. She just about has it figured out after several tries...
Finally, we include a scene that was inadvertently left out of Quicksand Terror. Brandi starts out her Sinking About You entry by telling the viewer she' s anxious to "Check out this mud pit, and see how deep it is". She ends up sorry for feeling that way.
A nice addition to an entertaining variety of quicksand tales!
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