Quicksand Variety Pack #2
Running Time 2 hours, 55 minutes   Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Variety is still the spice of life - And here are six more sinking to prove it!
Enjoy watching
 Paris Kennedy, Jessica Marsh, Brittany, Jenna West, and Lena Ramon while they sink into an assortment of locations and situations.
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First, Paris and Jessica explore a really cool sinking spot. When we first got there, it didn't look like anything was going to happen. But soon afterwards, the ground began to wobble and the fun began!

Next, Brittany encounters a mud pit while taking a daytime stroll through the woods. She fantasizes about a nighttime encounter with the deep ooze.
This is a sexy and dreamy episode written and directed by Duncan Edwards.
Then, Jenna has Got to Pee. But curiosity gets the better of her and she wanders up a muddy creek bed after relieving herself. She then falls into deep trouble. Can Janice rescue her in time? Watch it and find out!
Next, Brittany is a city girl who plays out a jungle girl fantasy by trying to swim in a River in the Jungle. But after stripping down to her 'jungle girl' attire, she encounters a deadly bog on her way to the river. Will she survive?
Then, we offer a very fun and action filled segment featuring Lena and the new Studio 588 pit. The design of this pit is a secret, but there's no hiding the fact that Lena was perfect for testing it out. Like a kid at the swimming pool, she jumps in, climbs out, and jumps in again - over and over.
She submerged so many time we simply lost count!
Then, Paris plays a Club Girl decked out in an incredibly sexy outfit. She is on her way to the club to turn some heads but ends up in a sticky and deep mess. Paris then tries to get help on her cell phone (how original is that?!) but finds out that's just a waste of time - something she doesn't seem to have a lot of....
Maybe the guys at the club won't be impressed, but the viewers of this scene will be!
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QSVP2 Trailer
Quicksand Variety Pack #2  DVD-R  


 Quicksand Variety Pack #2  DVD-R Download  
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