Quicksand Variety Pack #4
Running Time 130 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
I think we've expanded the definition of variety!
Here is a collection of seven sinking vignettes, strikingly varied in mood and appearance.
They feature
Natalie Minx, Cali Logan, Catherine De Sade, Lena Ramon, Lily Cameron, Stormy Rose,
Sativa Verde
, and Darby O'Riley.
So, get ready for an interesting trip around Planet Quicksand!

First, Natalie and Cali engage in some lightweight exploring in a beautiful British Columbia location. Starting with the loud call of a loon, this scene features a big blue sky,
a pristine lake and sticky black ooze! A great starter for a great DVD!.

Next, Catherine De Sade is on the run - and trying to avoid the deadly quicksand. How does that work out for her?  Not very well. But the good news is that she won't have to contemplate her misfortune for very long. That's because this is an extremely fast scene - but also packed with seriously good acting by Catherine.
Then, Lena is out for a desert stroll, and captivated by a muddy shoreline. She paddles around in ankle, and then knee deep mud. It's really sticky and fun.
But then, curiosity gets the better of her, and she decides to try a softer looking spot. She jumps in without a second thought.
Ever wonder about quicksand lurking just a few inches under water? Well, here ya go!
Next, Lily Cameron is instructed to check out a cool looking bit of marsh. She's not entirely sure about the whole idea, and her trepidation is compounded by the 'grabby' nature
of the muck. The best way to describe the general mood of this segment is 'edgy'  I was on the edge of stopping it, but didn't. The result is a serious dose of sinking emotion....
Then, Sativa and Stormy Rose explore a large area of very deep clay. This is exploring in it's truest sense because we didn't know where the soft spots were - and neither did they!
As it happens, they walked nearly out of camera range before they started to sink. But our intrepid crew stayed with them and captured all of the gooey action.
I can never get enough of hot babes sinking in mud like this and hope that this is just the beginning of this sort of footage!
Finally, Darby has been Ditched, and can't find her way back to camp. In her way is a deadly bog.   Oops!
This is one of the few remaining scenes from our epic first trip to British Columbia - and totally worth checking out...
Then, as a bonus feature, we have yet another exploring scene. This one features Catherine and Lily getting their feet wet for the first time. They paddle around in a true peat bog for a while and then strip out of their wet suits and sink some more. This scene is all about spontaneous adventure and is a great way to finish off a Quicksand Variety Pack!
 Quicksand Variety Pack #4  DVD-R  


 Quicksand Variety Pack #4  DVD-R Download  
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