Quicksand Variety Pack #5
Running Time 111 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's turning into the Wonder World of Sinking!
Here is another collection of seven sinking vignettes, tastefully varied in feeling and appearance.
They feature
Natalie Minx, Catherine De Sade, Sativa Verde, Stormy Rose, Cali Logan, Gummi,
 Lily Cameron
, and (new girl) Melody.
So, get ready for another quality ride of the sinking variety!

First,  Natalie Minx and Catherine De Sade explore an area of gooey marsh muck and make a pleasant discovery!  Catherine is the first to go in, with Natalie close behind.
The first thing they notice is how 'grabby' this particular bog is (we hit several spots along that shoreline and they were all distinctly different). You can actually see how Natalie is sinking with no control when she first steps in! Later, they discover just how neat this stuff felt against their bare breasts. Ah, the simple things...   :-)

Next, Sativa Verde and Stormy Rose treat us to a visual feast as they enjoy a long and sexy romp in a bottomless clay pit! Sativa (with the black top) and Stormy know how to have a good time wherever they are. Good thing for us that this day finds them in such a wonderful playground. Simple exploring gives way to horsing around, which in turn gives way to several rounds of sexual pleasure. We hope to present more of these ladies (and locations like this) in the future!
Then, Cali Logan experiences just how relentless a real bog can be - when she steps straight into one wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Without the aid of a boogy board, she would have never gotten out. See for yourself. This bog was the real deal!!
Next, we see why girls like Gummi should never allow themselves to be lost in a bog. Being away from your friends can make you so upset, that you might not know what you're getting into. In this case, Gummi manages to step straight into a sticky trap with no bottom!
She sinks in up to her hips, and then slowly sinks to her chin as she struggles to escape. What's top become of Gummi? There really is no hope...
Then, Lily Cameron is on the run, and trying to avoid the dangerous bog holes known to be in the area. But wait! This is a quicksand video. In she goes!
Will she escape? Buy the DVD and find out....
Next,  Lily has an issue with Natalie's Fuck Buddy after Lily realizes that he sent them out on a goose chase to get water for the campsite.
This setup was intended to be dramatic, but it took a turn when Lily's acting and comedic skills became apparent. I think this scene is entertaining in a refreshing sort of way.
Check it out. See if you agree!
Then, as a bonus feature, we present two segments from a day of pit (and model) exploration shot a couple seasons ago.
Some of the footage is reminiscent of Young Lady, Deep Mud, as it was shot under similar circumstances (Duncan Edwards + Camera + Girl + Deep Mud).
The first segment features
Stormy Rose exploring a large area of deep clay.
Stormy isn't the kind of girl that likes to stand around, so she managed to get pretty muddy before the camera was rolling. :-o  But, all in all, it's pretty cool.
The second segment features her friend
Melody, as she joined by Stormy for a some playful action in really deep and sloppy clay. They have a really good time, punctuated by
the two of them taking turns plunging each other under the surface. Lots of total coverage and muddy motorboating. You just can't go wrong with that!
 Quicksand Variety Pack #5  DVD-R  


 Quicksand Variety Pack #5  DVD-R Download  
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