Alone in the Quicksand
Running Time 186 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
What makes being in quicksand extra terrifying? Being alone is certainly one scary variable. 
Here, we offer
Lena Ramon, Paris Kennedy, Brittany, Kristine and Krystal, as lovely ladies
facing boggy earth with no assistance. So indulge your senses with another high quality MPV offering!

First, the lovely Krystal shows us her favorite sinking area. The only problem is that this corner of her playground is new to her. Watch as her playful demeanor dissolves into fear as ground melts under feet. Will she get help? For now, she is on her own....

Next, Paris Kennedy plays a Cheerleader who has spent too much time with her boyfriend prior to tryouts. Eager to make up time and not miss her chance at being on the squad, she tries the forbidden shortcut through the woods. Just one time can't hurt, can it?
Then, Lena Ramon is a sexually charged woman who is eager to try the sinking sensation firsthand. Equipped with a sturdy rope, 
she finds the right spot and proceeds to get naked and very deep. Aroused beyond her expectations, see how she reacts when she realizes that she is alone, and has quite frankly,
Lost Her Grip. A wonderful mixed reaction scene by the remarkable Lena.
Next, Kristine gives us one of her classic sinking views as she crawls out into deep river muck and then shimmies her way in up to her ears. Can she keep herself from going all the way under?  Kristine......Hello!....Goodbye!! We call it Crawl and Sink.
What can happen to very heavy drinkers? It's called Delirium Tremens, and it can be nasty! Brittany has been hitting the booze hard for as long as she can remember. But she never would have started if she new where she was headed. Watch as she runs afoul of sinking hallucinations! 
Will she hit bottom? It's a question for all alcoholics and especially important in this tale written by Fred588.
Then, we witness firsthand what happens to Paris when her family ignores the warning on a Ransom note. Paris is pretty and smart, but her charms are useless in the clutches of angry kidnappers. An intense scene inspired by Acid Tester artwork and directed by Duncan Edwards.
As you might have guessed, it ends with yet another young woman, alone in the quicksand.
 Alone in the Quicksand  DVD-R  


 Alone in the Quicksand  DVD-R Download  
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