What the heck are Pinays!
Well, they are the women of the Philippines, and they sink in quicksand just like Western gals.
Mud Puddle Visuals has partnered with Tropical Shots Media to bring you the drama and excitement
of seeing
beautiful island women sinking right there in the Asian tropics.
Sounds exotic?   It is!   Check out these DVDs.
And if you want to see more of these ladies, please visit Muddy Pinays.

Island Quicksand #6
In case you can't get enough, here's yet another collection
 of Pinay sweethearts sinking for the cameras.
This time it's Jane, May, Crystal, Andrea,
Nicole, Cherry, Aiza and Gara in the quicksand!
-- NEW! --
Island Quicksand #5
The quicksand video values just keep getting better and better
as we roll into out fifth collection of Pinay sweethearts sinking
for the cameras. This time it's Sandra, Angel, Liza,
Monique, Crystal, Angie and Aiza in the Deep Mud and Peat!
Island Quicksand #4
The brown skin beauties keep sinking in this awesome
compilation of tropical quicksand scenes.
Monique, Aiza, Gara, Sandra, Jane, Chelle and Cathy put
their best foot forward - straight into the ooze!
Island Quicksand #3
Ready for another batch of Island Beauties?
This DVD features: Monique, Nina, Jane, Day, Cathy,
(sisters) Andrea and Chelle, and Trisha.
If that sounds like a huge value, be assured, it is!
Island Quicksand #2
Now, It's time for the second compilation of boggy video shot
in the tropics. Eight scenes that will leave you gasping for air...
Check it out!

Island Quicksand #1
Yep - It's time for the first compilation of boggy video shot
in the Philippines. But it's not really a matter of where,
but rather of who...  These island babes will have you spellbound.
It's exotic on top of exotic. And it's priced very well.
Check it out!

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