Damsels in Quicksand #2
Running Time 64 minutes     Available on DVD-R, Blu Ray and as DVD-R and Blu Ray Downloads
Here is where we continue a brand new series of DVDs featuring nothing but sinking drama!
Seven awesome scenes, featuring: 
Jen Padova, Candle Boxxx, Summer Monroe, Nikko Jordan,
Annabelle Genovisi
, Saraliz, Little Mina and Ludella Hahn.
It's all damsels. It's all top quality. It's Quicksand Visuals at its best!


First, Jen has left the dentist alone, and woozy from the anesthetic she was administered. Getting lost in the woods was not part of her plan for the day, and wandering into a deadly quagmire just made it so much worse! Will she survive? Sometimes struggling in a bog can pay off... A really nice dramatic performance from a veteran and sexy gal. Thank you Jen!!

Then, Candle is a plucky park ranger out to place an important sign in the woods. But there is quicksand in her path, and sure enough, she walks right into it. Lots of stuff passes through her mind, except for the fact that she is in a really dangerous situation. But candle does get the score near the end, and knows just what to do with the sign she brought with her.
A nice slow sink punctuated with dark humor. Written and directed by Jumpoff Joe.
Next,  Summer shows off her flair for drama as well as her creativity as she turns a simple concept into an interesting and original scene. She looks fantastic of course, and her bright pink bikini accents her incredible shape just right. But that fine form is destined to disappear, little by little in the implacable quickmud of the forest. Watch as Summer's confidence turns to concern and then terror - all in the right measure. And if disappearing once wasn't enough, a rotted piece of vine gives her hope....but just for a moment. Quicksand fantasy doesn't get much better than this.
Then, Once we got used to Nikko and her charms, the idea of seeing her sinking as an island girl became irresistible. And when we finally got to shooting this scene, we were not disappointed. Nikko in a sarong is and Island Girl fan's wet dream. And that look, sinking in wet peat is just plain hot! Nikko blunders right into the mire. But can she ultimately escape? Hmmmm
Also, In this visually outrageous scene, Annabelle is placed in a large dog cage and lowered into the Hollywood Quicksand pit. She disappears from view, but manages to re-appear - or at least her head. That's because she can't get out of the quicksand. So, she keeps going under, leaving Summer and Saraliz to wonder just what is going on. Annabelle is terrified. But eventually her friends realize the danger and haul her out. So, what does Annabelle have to say about it all? Maybe not what you would think....
Then, Little Mina puts a memorable stamp on the 'Ignorance is Bliss' theme when she puts her body on the line for both pleasure and drama. Like the other damsels, she doesn't sense danger when she realizes she might be in the wrong place for her clay treatment. And the way the creamy clay feels on her naked body pushes her even closer to disaster.
Will she escape after slipping into the deep ooze? Doubtful....

And finally. Ludella is treating Sarah to the 'biggest rush of her life' by encouraging her to sink with Ludella in a deadly peat bog! All goes well until Annabelle happens upon them and jumps in to help. If that weren't messy enough, they soon realize that the vine Ludella planned on using is only strong enough for two, not three people.... Bummer!!
Damsels in Quicksand #2  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #2  DVD-R  Download
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Damsels in Quicksand #2  Blu Ray


Damsels in Quicksand #2  Blu Ray  Download
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