Damsels in Quicksand #6
Running Time 84 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
These gals just can't stay out of the Quicksand!
Yet another awesome collection of diverse scenes, featuring: 
Rockell Starbux,
Ludella Hahn
, Stormy Rose, Star Nine, Little Mina, Candle Boxxx and Ludella Hahn.
Watch your step. With quality like this, you're bound to get pulled in!
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First, With a real storm approaching, Rockell channels Marilyn Monroe in a plunging white dress and walks a fallen tree over a bottomless bog. She falls in, of course, and sinks from sight - but not before looking into the camera with pleading eyes, begging for help. Girl in panic. Heaving chest, Gurgling mire. It's all here.

Then, Ludella imagines herself a wetlook model while cooling off in a scenic creek. After 'posing' for a while she makes her way back to her country house. But she somehow meanders into a patch of quicksand. She seems amused at first, not believing that quicksand could actually exist - never mind on her own property! But reality sets in as she sinks ever deeper in the gurgling mire. Ludella screams loudly for help, but it doesn't matter. She experiences a 'Hollywood Myth' up close and personal..
Next, Stormy encounters a mucky area of deep peat, but decides to cross it, aided by a strong vine. But she underestimates the power of the peat dragging on her and starts to sink in the middle. Grabbing for an overhead tree is a mistake, because she loses track of the vine! Down she goes.... Is it the end? How much time will she spend barely able to breathe? A very nice dose of blonde beauty struggling against a deadly bog. It just might wear you out as well!
Also with a storm approaching, Star is on the run yet again, and this time blunders into a deadly pit of ooze in the deep woods. The boots she's wearing don't help at all, as the gripping mire holds them in place while drawing the rest of her body deeper. She tries to use a vine to get out. It breaks. She grabs hold of a small tree but loses her grip! What will become of Star? Will she ever just stay home? (Let's hope not).
Then, Little Mina is determined to get to some kind of civilization. In this case, it's a road, and she can hear occasional traffic nearby. All she has to do is get her and the heavy ball across a bog. She cleverly keeps the ball out of the mire, but it's heavy, and it's pushing her deep in the muck. Eventually, the bottom falls out and she slips under. Panicking, she lets go of the ball and is able to get her head back above the surface. But the ball is.... gone.
Also, Candle is first to arrive at a mud meet up arranged on the internet. She settles in for a nice wallow but seems unconcerned that the mud is super thick and dangerously sticky and deep. Little Mina arrives and is welcomed into the clay. But Mina isn't sure it's a good place to be and is not happy to find out that Candle is a lonely dunce that set the gathering in motion! Can they escape Candle's lonely ignorance? The last we see of them is just their mouths, gasping for air.... Written and directed by Jumpoff Joe.
Lastly, Sarah Michelle seeks out and 'finds' a local dare spot and is looking for a thrill. The trick is to see how far out into a bog hole you can jump and still be able to get out. She's not very impressed at first, but after a few jumps, she starts to get physically challenged by the clutching peat. She seems to sense the danger, but denies her fear and tries to jump from inside the mire. Sarah's mood changes abruptly when she starts to sink and can't feel the bottom. Panic sets in. How does this end?
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Damsels in Quicksand #6  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #6  DVD-R  Download
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