Damsels in Quicksand #7
Running Time 107 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
This time it's eight carefully crafted quicksand tales, featuring:  Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi,
Candle Boxxx, Saraliz, Star, Kendra James, Sarah Michelle and Nikko Jordan.
Don't try to get across the entire DVD at once. You'll never make it!!


First, Summer wants to help out around the set, so she's told to go down to one of the peat bogs and loosen it up. She finds the pipe used for that and starts adding water. It's hard work, but after a short time, she starts getting results. She is in the mire, and sinks unexpectedly several times - and it also gets harder and harder to climb out. But Summer is determined to get the peat nice and deep and ready for sinking. She decides that jumping in is the best way to finish the job. But will the now dangerous mire finish her instead?

Then, Annabelle is forced into the bog, naked, by an unseen antagonist, and turns to the camera for help. "I'm naked in the Quicksand!" is one of many appeals she makes as she slowly sinks from sight. A nice long struggle to oblivion is what Annabelle has on tap for us. And she looks fantastic while doing it! Seriously though. Isn't anyone going to help her?
Next, when it came time to put the ball and chain on Summer, we knew that the peat bog would not have been enough of a challenge. So we took her to the deep clay, and let things play out. She had a good idea when she decided to check the ball onto the edge of the pit and climb out without it dragging on her. But it kept sliding back in. How many times could she handle it without it slipping out of her grasp? Quite a few times, actually. But in the end, she loses it in the deep mire, and down it went. And down went Summer as well.....!
Also Candle and Sara aren't exactly friends, but two buffet tickets were hard to pass up, so they agreed to be tied together for a race through the woods. But things get even less friendly as they can't agree on which way to go, and end up in a thick, gurgling bog! As they sink lower, the banter gets deeper as well. But all silliness is cast aside at the end, when faced with a grim outcome.... An interesting scene written and directed by Jumpoff Joe.
Then, Star is just a whiny bitch. Summer is just a jungle girl. When you add quicksand peril, these two might just not survive the ordeal. This is a brief and very funny and very dark tale. The MPVBleck pit and the viewer both score. Hang on, it's a crazy ride!
Next, Kendra is sinking for the camera, and gets deeper into her role playing than she ever imagined. She likes to please her man, and willingly enters the dangerous mire, describing her experience as she skips ever deeper into the bog. She would rather be doing something else, and asks to indulge in other types of sexual fun, but it doesn't get her out of the mucky obligation.
Chest deep, she slips back into a teasing role play attitude. But the fear of sinking under takes hold and she pleads for help. Will it come?
Also, Sarah and Annabelle have agreed to ride home together after a night of fun, but Annabelle's idea of how to get to the car is flawed - it leads to a nasty bog. They encounter the swamp individually, but like birds of a feather, they both think it's just a puddle. Annabelle jumps in. Sarah walks in. Will they ever run into each other again?
Quirky and dramatic, this tale needs to be enjoyed by fans of quicksand drama!

Lastly, in her MPV debut, Nikko sinks in deep MPVBLeck and loves it! Her reaction to the deep and gripping ooze is as distinctive as her personality, and very entertaining. The depth of this pit is well over her head, and it's obvious that her feet are nowhere near the bottom. Especially when she tries to extricate herself form its grip. But she does manage to get out eventually, only to sink again - and again. Nikko looks great in there. Check her out. This video is *very* revealing!?
Damsels in Quicksand #7  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #7  DVD-R  Download
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