Damsels in Quicksand #8
Running Time 59 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Get ready for some rapid fire sinking action, featuring:  Annabelle Genovisi,
 Nyssa Nevers
, Star, Sativa  and Anabelle Pync.
This DVD packs a sexy and dramatic punch!!
Trailer now available!!
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First, Annabelle has accepted the bog challenge and is ready to see just how far she can go into the mire, and still be able to get out. She gets pretty far and pretty deep, and almost stops there. But, then she realizes that her sneakers are slowing her down and removes them for one *last* bog jump. And we do mean last....

Next, Nyssa is on the run, and traversing a wet and wild woodland. She must be desperate, because she forces herself through a watery marsh and a bug infested forest, only to find herself in quicksand! She is stuck fast and sinking steadily. Her fear rises as her body sinks deeper. She tries to push herself out, but finds her arms pinned to the side of her body. Will her screams for help be answered? Nyssa is a true Damsel in Distress - and a hot mess at that!
Also Star finds out that one bad step can truly lead to disaster, as she gets pulled inexorably deeper and deeper into the mire after stumbling in at the edge. The stuff is like glue. Down and down she goes. There's hope of rescue as a vine seems within reach. But when that doesn't work out, and she fails to find any other leverage, she faces the reality of that fateful step....
Then, Sativa has been out cold for hours. Drugged by her captors, she has been taken to a wild and unforgiving place. However, water has a way of waking people up. But Sativa may end up wishing that she had remained unconscious. Wandering around in a strange place can be dangerous - especially with bogs about....
Next, dressed in boots and jeans, and armed with a pole, Star is out to sinking in a bog or quicksand, or whatever she can find. She locates a peat bog and steps in. But she is unprepared for the sensations she experiences, and backs out. Disappointed with herself, she washes up in a creek, but also becomes curious about another area she has never checked out. And that's when she discovers a very inviting patch of golden  quicksand. What will her reaction be this time? Will she know what to do the first time going deep? Or will it simply be too much to comprehend .....
Lastly, Anabelle Pync is Syrena Blue, a pop princess who is afraid as being taken for 'lame'. So she figures a plunge into a mucky bog will spice up her next music video. Now that the idea is in her head, she just needs to find the right spot. As it happens, Syrena isn't lame. In fact she's pretty hot. But maybe she's a little lame in the common sense department. An interesting tale, well written, and very well played by Anabelle.?
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Damsels in Quicksand #8  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #8  DVD-R  Download
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