Damsels in Quicksand #9
Running Time 63 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Check out this potent collection of quicksand drama, featuring:  Kendra James, Star Nine,
 Nikko Jordan
, Anabelle Pync, Little Mina  and Summer Monroe.
This title runs deep with talent and appeal!!


First, it's Kendra's turn to try to cross the mire, weighted down by a ball and chain. This time, a vine seems to offer salvation. Kendra is strong, and starts to make progress out of the deadly bog. But how strong is the vine? A visually stunning scene, brought to life by Kendra and an implacable death trap...

Next, Star is out to make a point, and a video. Her mud fetishist boyfriend has hooked up with her younger sister. So Star is out to inflict some pain - by doing something she hadn't ever done for him. So she shoots a video selfie in a spot he wanted to take her. It shouldn't be a problem. It's easy to talk smack. It's easy to get muddy. It's easy to go deep. But maybe it's not so easy to escape....
Also, Nikko just can't understand why her friends took the long way back to the car. I mean, she could see the parking lot from where they were. The car is there, right? There's even a path...right into the quicksand. But it's ok. Because Nikko looks totally hot as she slurps her sneakers through the boggy ground, and then falls face first as the bottom falls out further along. It's gross, but it seems like she can just crawl across. But then, why not try to stand and 'walk'. Bye Bye Nikko....
Then, Anabelle makes an impression as she treats us to a memorable 'first time' performance in the Hammer Swamp. This is a relatively short scene that will make a big impression as Anabelle plunges into the mire with genuine surprise and then struggles to get out. She finds a firm spot and seems to be doing ok but then plunges into an even more dangerous area and goes under. Something we'll be asking her to do again, and again and again. New girl, new location, classic results.
Next, as it happens, Summer makes a really good antagonist, as she muscles Little Mina up to a patch of quicksand and pushes her in! We wanted to try out the idea of a struggle, right at the edge of deadly quicksand. And this scene delivers just that. Mina tries mightily to stay out of the mire. But Summer is determined to dish out a grisly and dramatic fate. So, in goes poor Mina! Hollywood quicksand is made for drama. And it seems as if these two were born to play it out.  Bravo!
Lastly, Kris (Summer) is a film director who has a chip on her shoulder regarding Terri Harper (Star), the female lead in the film. So Kris takes Ms. Harper to the set of a dramatic quicksand scene and sends her in the bog for a practice run, not telling her that there is a safety device in the bottom of the pit. Terribly shaken by the ordeal, the actress isn't quite sure if she did something to the equipment on the set. It all goes wrong when Kris the director decides to demonstrate herself, just how to disappear dramatically in quicksand....
Then, as a special bonus, Angel is playing mean and has Nina blindfolded with a surprise in mind! She pushes Nina into a deep bog and then taunts her as she tries to escape the deep muck. But Angel eventually hauls Nina out, only to get pushed in herself! Now it's Nina's turn to do the taunting and she is actually very good at it. Before long, they are both deep in the mushy peat and pushing on each other, trying to get out. They do manage to get to firm ground, but fall back in again and dunk each other for good measure. A rare and well played dramatic scene from the Philippines. And exceptionally talented acting by Angel. She really is gifted all around.
Damsels in Quicksand #9  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #9  DVD-R  Download
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