Damsels in Quicksand #10
Running Time 80 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
The bogs of Camp MPV are always hungry, this time feeding on:  Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers,
 Ludella Hahn
, Summer Monroe, Nikko Jordan, Sarah Michelle  and Annebelle Genovisi.
This is all about an appetite for sinking. You hungry?  Jump in!


First, Star is on the run, weighed down by a ball and chain. But she is dressed for cross country travel, with boots and jeans to protect her from the outdoors. It plays well when she stumbles through a shallow creek. But when she encounters a dangerous bog, it all goes wrong. The ball slips from her hands and disappears in a soft part of the mire. It takes her just a moment to realize what has happened. But that's all it takes as the ball goes deep and she just can't get enough grip on the chain to get it out... This is a convincing, well played drama, brought to us by a talented lady who knows just how quicksand works.

Next, Nyssa is pretty sure that she found the clay spa, but it's nighttime, and she probably got lost. But the groovy feeling of the clay on her naked body is not lost on Nyssa! She is definitely troubled by how difficult it is to move in the deep and clinging clay. But eventually, the desire for an 'all over' mud bath wins out. What will happen when she realizes that she is going down? It could be one of those times when "no" means "Yes" ......
Also, Ludella is second to none, so when she finds out that everyone has done the 'Sinking Hole Challenge', she makes her way to the legendary spot in the woods. Decked out in a nice fitting wetsuit, she is puzzled by the appearance of the sinking spot, and then quite concerned when she realizes how grippy the goo is in the pit. She's even more concerned when she starts to sink - and outright terrified when she can't feel the bottom. Truly stuck, she screams for help in the isolated forest. Yikes! But then, she makes a discovery, and also, a slow, struggling escape. A very nice stuck and sinking episode performed by the talented and attractive Ludella!
Then, it's Summer's turn to try to jump into the bog 'a little further'. She dressed for it, in a tee-shirt, shorts and sneakers. After being disappointed by the depth of the peat, she discovers a much better launching area, and is soon plunging in chest deep! She enjoys the challenge of escaping each time, and just canít wait to bring the guys there and show off. But first, she removes her shorts (convinced that they are dragging her down), and goes for one last jump. She just didnít know how final it would be ....
Next, When we decided to do one our 'attitude' ideas in the Hollywood Quicksand, Star was a perfect choice. She has no problem traversing a waterlogged marsh, in spite of falling repeatedly, getting wet. She is not deterred by thick brush. She is not frightened by quicksand - either before or after falling in. And her quirky shifts in attitude during her sinking struggle add remarkably well to the inevitable ending. A rather 'different' scene that ends up pleasing the usual way.
Lastly, Dumb Dumb sits patiently in the jungle, waiting for victims, lured by tradition or myth, or legend, or greed, or whatever. Many years ago, it was Nikko, and topless jungle princess. She stumbles into Dumb Dumb's bog and slowly sinks from sight. But not before placing a curse on Dumb Dumb. Does the curse matter? How about a nice myth? Many years later, explorers Sarah and Annabelle discover Dumb Dumb. How will they make out? How about a little treachery? Either way, Dumb Dumb will watch them sink, just like everyone else......
Damsels in Quicksand #10  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #10  DVD-R  Download
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