Damsels in Quicksand #11
Running Time 63 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's fast. It's furious. There's no escaping the intensity of the sinking action:
Sarah Michelle, Annabelle Genovisi, Summer Monroe,  Star Nine,
Nyssa Nevers, Little Mina, Alora James and Anabelle Pync
This DVD packs dramatic and appealing sinking action!



First, Sarah shows Annabelle a great place to play "Push Me!", and truly believes it's safe. And it does seem safe for a while, as they playfully pull each other's bikinis off as they take turns getting pushed into the mire. But one good shove sends Annabelle into an area where she can't feel the bottom. Pissed off about this, she sends Sarah into the same spot. As it happens, that's not the best way to make a point, as Annabelle has now placed them both in deadly peril!

Next, Summer loves to sink. And for her, the more dramatic the sinking the better it is. So when we finally got a chance to let he loose in the Hammer Swamp, there was a lot of anticipation. And Summer delivered in a major way. The Hammer Swamp is big - and deep. We just didn't appreciate how useful that is for Summer. She's big and strong. And it takes a lot of swamp to kill her. Summer, say hello to Mr. Hammer...
Also, Nyssa and Star are on their way to hang out at the lake when Nyssa decides she would like some ice cream from the park store. Star isn't interested, so they agree to meet later. Well, they should have stayed together. Because not only was the store closed, Star manages to get stuck in quicksand - with nobody there to help! She sinks deeper and deeper, all the while wondering when Nyssa would hear her cries for help. Nyssa does come running, but doesn't stop in time and joins Star in the mire. Will they escape? If not, who will go under first?
Then, Poor Little Mina has gotten herself in a jam somehow. She wants to "take it all back", but it's too late, and she's trying to get across a bog that she really, really doesn't want to be in. She struggles. She goes deep. She goes under. She somehow comes back up, only to try to stand and go deep again! What next? She is pleading for mercy. Will she get it? She thinks they can't make her do more. But life is not that easy. Not by a long shot...
Next, Alora is new to the area, and accepts a local challenge deep in the woods. She knows that she will find a spot of goo in the woods and sink in it. Sounds simple enough. But the place is creepy and the goo is weird - and she almost leaves. But she knows that she can't return clean. So she steels herself to sinking in the weird goo. Well, Alora is tall and athletic, but is also easily freaked out. She sinks up to her chest and does just that. She panics. She screams. In fact, she almost doesn't discover the trick of escaping. But she does find a way out. And after a mighty struggle, her long legs finally emerge from the clutching mire, and she stumbles off, ready to return rightfully messy!
Lastly, Little Mina wants to make a quicksand video - better than anyone else's. So she gets Summer and Anabelle, two hot fetish models, and brings them to a deep bog. But little does Mina know that Summer and Anabelle are appropriately crazy (a requirement for fetish modeling, apparently), but they are *really* crazy, especially for each other. So, once they get together in the muck, they forget all about Mina, who tries to film everything. But Mina's camera is small, and she needs to get closer. Too close in fact. Mina sinks. But the two models don't even notice, or care. Do they even care about their own safety? Probably not...
Damsels in Quicksand #11  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #11  DVD-R  Download
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