Damsels in Quicksand #12
Running Time 65 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ok, so here's a mix of intense sinking action that you won't escape from:
Ludella Hahn, Nyssa Nevers, Summer Monroe, Anabelle Pync,
Star and Little Mina
each tickle a different bone in the evolving sexiness of women in mire.
Whatever your mood, there's a scene here to make it complete!



First,  Pursued by a mysterious murderer, Ludella is moving cross country as fast as she can. But in a sadistic twist, she is slowed by a heavy ball and chain. After struggling through a watery marsh, she encounters a large boggy area. Having no choice to keep moving forward, she starts making her way through the thick and ever-deepening muck. Chest deep, she loses her cool - and the ball. After a few precious seconds she feels it pull her...down! Hovering chin deep, she prays to hit bottom. Or at least for the ball to hit bottom. But there is no bottom, and Ludella is dragged under. With the mire still quaking from her struggles, the murderer barely pauses as he sees that the quicksand has done his dirty work for him.!

Next, in her MPV debut, Nyssa Nevers has a hold on you, and you are going to do her bidding - by meeting her in the middle of a dangerous bog! Against your sense of self-preservation, you keep moving forward, laboring with each step, until you plunge into the bottomless area. But the sight of Nyssa captivates you, and you keep moving forward, sinking the whole time. Only then does she reveal her true intentions. You suck, and so does the bog. And there's no escaping Nyssa's trap... .
Also Summer is ready for hiking, decked out in jeans and boots. But she should have brought her phone or a GPS. Because in spite of her denials, she is lost. But when she steps into quicksand, it's all she needs to know about where she is! Summer struggles against the gurgling mire. But it's no use. Down and down she goes, until the only frame of reference left is the sky itself...
Then, we kinda knew we were in for something special when we got Anabelle Pync ready to enjoy herself in the MPVBleck. And it's a good thing that she got to do this in an open area, because the moments she provides the cameras demand a clear view. And what a view it is! Anabelle is gorgeous and vibrant at the same time, and really, really enjoys sex. So when the bleck got a grip on her naked body, she took full advantage - both deep in its grasp and also hip deep in its sucking hold. This is one bleck scene that belongs in everyone's DVD collection!..
Next, you are drawn here regardless. But today is special. Star left her panties for you to find, on the other side of that mucky bog. You're not sure if you should go all the way.... But, then, she is there, as well, helping you overcome that gnawing apprehension. Can you do it? Are you pathetic? Or maybe doomed. Either way, it's a hell of a ride down.!
Lastly, three gal pals, separated from a larger group of friends - and each other, experience terror in a fog infested woods at night. And that's just from what they hear. All around them, shrieks of terror fill the heavy air as they stumble forward, vainly trying to make out what is happening. Summer, Anabelle and Mina call to each other and recognize each otherís voices. But they cannot find their way. One by one they succumb to the mysterious threat, until even the one remaining voice is silenced......
Damsels in Quicksand #12  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #12  DVD-R  Download
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