Damsels in Quicksand #13
Running Time 65 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ok, These gals just can't stay out of the Quicksand!
Yet another awesome collection of diverse scenes, featuring:
Star Nine, Little Mina, Nyssa Nevers and Anabelle Pync.
Watch your step. With quality like this, you're bound to get pulled in!



First,  Star, under the direction of a photographer, is adding quicksand to her fetish portfolio. After all, all the top models do this - or so she's told. Decked out in a nice tight dress over lingerie and wearing heals, she looks stunning. Obedient and professional, Star listens carefully, eager to please the camera. As she sinks lower and lower, her unexpected anxiety rises higher and higher. How far will he let her sink? And where's the bottom anyways? At what point does she realize that guy with a camera is raving maniac? Oops...

Next,  Nyssa loves water. She would spend all day in it if she could, especially on a hot summer day. So she finds a beautiful creek with nicely flowing crystal clear water. She revels in the feel of it flowing past her body and moisturizing her creamy skin. But this dreamy feeling ends, in quicksand. The gritty muck draws her down as she tries to leave the creek area. Down and down she goes, crying for help that never comes. She should have stayed in the water, where she was safe from drowning, oddly enough.
Also, decked out for adventure, and in search of the Pussy Cat Swallowtail (a flower, actually), Mina decides to cross a dangerous bog when she sees an example on the far side. She slides in, chest deep, and uses her walking stick to move forward. She finds a shallow spot and climbs over it, confident that the swamp isn't too deep for her short stature. But, she's wrong of course and sinks deeper and deeper into the mire, and disappears. Maybe that flower just wasn't worth it after all.... Watch for a nice 'escape' segment after the DVD credit. Good times!
Then, the director has told Anabelle to step into the quicksand "to see what will happen". Everyone, including Anabelle, knows that Quicksand isn't real, right? Nothing seems to happen at first, but then Anabelle starts to sink. Her black leggings slowly slip into the gritty goo, first up to her ankles and then up to her knees. Anabelle keeps asking if everything is ok. Is this how it is supposed to be? That depends on your point of view. As far as Anabelle is concerned, that point keeps getting closer and closer to the ground. And she doesn't like it.... Will anyone help? Or will they just silently stare at the sight of her sinking? Have to admit, it looks pretty nice.....
Next, some gals were born to do certain things. Nyssa has many talents, but her mind and body seem to be a perfect match for dragging the ball and chain through two different quagmires. This series is a fan favorite, and the entries just seem to get better and better. Can anyone top Nyssa's epic struggle in Hollywood Quicksand and then the Gulley Bog? We'll see. But what we have here is a great ride as Nyssa drags herself through a shallow river and onto her fate. First, the Hollywood Quicksand offers a quick challenge. But she finds a grip below the surface and manages to escape. Next, it's a strenuous slog through a much thicker mire. Can she make it?!
Lastly, Anabelle knew that moving to the country wasn't such a hot idea. But she had no idea of just how messed up the local challenges would be! And we do mean MESSED up. She finds the spot, and figures that there's no turning back. It's gross and sticky and scary. But Anabelle lets the sinking hole take her, inch by luscious inch. Even her arms go into the goo, trapping her. She manages to pull them out. But they get stuck time and time again. After an exhausting struggle, she finds the secret of the challenge - and escapes. She 'wins'. But then, so do we! 
Damsels in Quicksand #13  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #13  DVD-R  Download
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