Damsels in Quicksand #14
Running Time 67 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for another helping of Quicksand Video?
Well, pull up a chair, or couch, or bed and indulge. We are serving:
Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers, Alora Jaymes, Anabelle Pync and Sherry Stunns.
Chew slowly, because this is high quality entertainment that will definitely satisfy!


First, Star and Nyssa have been sent down to the Gulley Bog to get it ready for shooting. Armed with a couple rakes, they try to get the job done. But it becomes pretty obvious that the best way to stir the peat into the right consistency is with their bodies. So, they jump in. It's working pretty well, but they are worried about getting bogged down by their clothing. So they remove it. And keep jumping in. Along the way, Star realizes just how attracted she is to Nyssa... But the depth of the bog and the concern about their well-being is what takes over. Or should we say the bog itself takes over.
Turns out, it attracted to both these ladies, and it's hungry....


Next, there are some ladies that are so completely original that you just know that nobody could ever do something quite the same way. Nyssa is one of those gals, and this is one of those scenes. From the moment Nyssa sets the stage, she goes about thrilling the viewer with her voice and her body. As the deep clay consumes her, she finds moment after moment of teasing fun. After getting chest deep, she removes her heels, and then her nightie before struggling to climb out. Then she talks about what it would be like to jump into the deepest part. Then she does just that - and talks about how that feels. She looks up at an overhead camera and slips from sight.... Then she treats us to some awesome coverage shots as she makes her way out a second time. You can watch Nyssa, or even just listen to her. Better yet, grab this scene and do both at the same time!
Also,  it's really the crew who is to blame. They aren't responsible for the Ball & Chain victims. But the ball, well, that's a different matter. And after a particularly good scene, they left it deep in the bog. But, not to worry. They managed to get it half way up before losing the chain. So, Alora is recruited to fish up the chain, and remake the connection! No problem, she's told. Hand onto the tow rope, and you won't go any deeper than the ball... So into the bog goes Alora. Why is the only girl around sent in? Well, this is the MPV crew after all.
And there's never a bad time for some excitement at the Hammer Swamp!

Then, Anabelle and Alora are super competitive. So when they decided to see who could sink slowest in the MPVBleck, they bring Ludella along to act as a judge. They set about sinking in the clutching bleck and struggle to get out. After it's decided that the 'timer' would begin as soon as they were stuck, the competition begins in earnest. At one point, Alora goes deeper than usual, and remarks that it seems to be getting deeper. Does that slow down Anabelle? Not really.....
Next, in this short and gritty piece, Sherry plays a woman who has picked the wrong guy to be slutty with. He lures her to a desolate place, a place of danger. When she senses something has gone very wrong, she turns to the one thing that has propelled her through her sad life - offering sex. Any kind of sex. And not just with her. But is it the right move? Or does the unseen protagonist respond to something else .... This unfortunate woman needs to figure it out.!
Lastly, Anabelle is on a mission. She wants to sink for you. She found about about your quicksand fetish and leads you past the danger sign into a taped off area of danger. She sinks. She reaches out to your ... You cum on the quicksand as she sinks past her chest. But she wants it too. So you reach down there and ... You pull her out. And she wants to come back...
(note - an alternate ending with a submersion is included at the end of the regular scene).

Damsels in Quicksand #14  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #14  DVD-R  Download
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