Damsels in Quicksand #15
Running Time 61 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's really just a ton of sexy sinking action!
Think you can make it through without going under? Stepping in with you:
Ludella Hahn, Star Nine, Alora Jaymes, Summer Monroe, Ashley lane, Nyssa Nevers and Little Mina.
Keep struggling. You might make it through!


First, in an outstanding continuation of the "You Can't Make Me!" series, Ludella becomes a truly fetching damsel, pleading to the camera. But the unheard viewer is insistent; first that she drag herself across and through a bottomless mire. And then, with her hands bound behind her, that she plunge into its depths. Ludella is a natural at this type of fantasy. And her beauty and physique pretty much put this combination over the top. Oh, and the bog isn't shabby either. If you like an edge on your quicksand fantasies, this scene is for you. After all, you can make her. And she does.

Next, Star is on the run yet again. She seems to get away easily enough, but never gets far - especially since her hands and legs are bound tight. She slips into quicksand and begins to struggle. Star is in denial. But the deeper she goes, the more she realizes that it really might be quicksand after all. Deeper and deeper she goes, her fate sealed ever more solidly by the soft trap.
The last we see of Star, she is chest deep and quite helpless...
Also, Alora always gives her all for the camera, and her Ball and Chain effort is a good example of that. In this gritty scene, she first makes her way through a wet marsh, struggling with the weight and bulk of the ball. She then finds herself against the Hammer Swamp. She gets through the first section, but then isn't sure how to proceed. But eventually, it's forward, and then down. How long can she hold the ball near the surface? Not forever, that's certain. It's also a safe bet that the ball won't hold Alora up. In fact, it does quite the opposite...
Then, Summer rips into a new batch of deep MPVBleck in (very) memorable style. Wearing a tiny 'jungle' bikini, she wanders briefly through a swamp and then blunders into a dark morass. She nearly makes an escape but her strength gives out at a crucial moment and she is sucked back into the goo. From there, it's a long struggle to clutching oblivion. This is really good stuff. In fact, her entrance is so stunning, it is repeatedly in full by all three camera angles after the credit. Amazing!
Next, Ashley wants desperately to fit in with the cool crowd, so she accepts the challenge to sink up to her neck in the 'local' bog. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because she has to find just the right spot to get that deep. But after jumping in several times, she gets the hang of it - removing her shorts along the way, to speed things up. Ashley should have thought about how hard it was becoming to get out each time. Just how deep do you have to go to be cool anyways?
Lastly, In the first round of a boggy three-peat, Nyssa traverses a marsh before entering a dark and brooding swamp. Once there, she stumbles into a treacherous mire and struggles for her life! Next, Mina is scene making the same trek through the marsh and into the dark swamp. She stumbles into the mire, pitching forward into the deadly trap. She struggles upright, only to find herself sinking deeper in the quicksand. Pleading for mercy doesn't help, as she sinks under the surface! And then there's Summer, who dons a tight dress for her finale in the Hammer Swamp. And what a sight this is! Summer really brings it, including some attractive screaming as she succumbs to the quaking bog. A fitting finish to a trio of damsels bringing their best to an incredible bog....
Damsels in Quicksand #15  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #15  DVD-R  Download
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