Damsels in Quicksand #16
Running Time 82 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
The Quicksands of Camp MPV are still hungry, this time they feast on:
Ashley lane, Summer Monroe, Brittany Shae, Star Nine and Little Mina.
This is all about an appetite for sinking. You Hungry?
Jump In!

First, Ashley is out for her first solo walk as a Jungle Girl. But it doesn't seem like she took the classroom portion very seriously. She picks a flower like some sort of tourist - and walks right into a hidden pool of water. But even this doesn't wake her up, because the next thing she does is tug on a vine hanging in the forest. Snakes hang out on vines. Maybe she forgot. In any case, a large constrictor is a little tougher to deal with than just getting wet! Her struggle with the snake land Ashley deeper and deeper in a bog. She manages to drown the snake.
But what will the quicksand do to Ashley? Not a good situation for a jungle girl in training. But she sure looked good in that bikini!!

Then, you would think that after her incident 'working' the peat bog at Camp MPV, that Summer would have learned her lesson. Or maybe she thought that bubbling mud can't be dangerous. In any case, she was very eager to get the bubbles going again. She wasn't sure what the problem was but found out very quickly that the mud was just too thick. Armed with a water pipe and a power assisted mixing tool, she set out to make the clay nice and soupy - not just right for bubbles, but also for sinking deep. And that would be *really* deep. This is a lengthy scene that features a lot of physical activity by Summer (always nice) and a late shift in emotion from playful to terrorized.

Next, wanna get to know Ashley? This is a great way to do it, because the camera catches both her stunning looks as well as her personality - which happens to enjoy the wet sand climbing up her body very much (thank you). There's nothing put on here. Ashley really likes the quicksand. It's a simple scene, so some of the best parts are discreetly looped. And for added value, the footage of her spraying the sand off of her body is included. It's not fast food. It's a feast. It's Ashley in quicksand, and it's very satisfying!
Also, in her first ever trip to the Hammer Swamp, Brittany is weighed down by a ball and chain - and really struggling. After traversing two sections of a watery marsh, she drags the ball down a wooded slope. It's there that she encounters her fate. Her feet find their way into the bog, followed by the rest of her. Somehow, the ball stayed behind on firm ground. But that doesn't last. Because in a desperate bid to save her herself, Brittany starts pulling on the chain, hoping to move towards the edge. But the ball comes towards her instead, and slips into the mire with her. From that moment, it's just a matter of time....
Then, Star isn't sure she wants to work with this photographer again, and wants assurance that there won't be another sinking incident. He doesn't have anything to say that makes her feel better. But Star, looking very nice is a bikini, steps into the quicksand anyways. She sinks slowly, gets stuck, and wonders if he is done with the pictures. True to his nature, the photographer is horrible at bogside manner - and then leaves Star to go back to the car for another lens! Panic sets in as she sinks even deeper in the wet sand. The sound of more pictures being taken can be heard. But even that stops, as Star is left to ponder her fate, as well as her judgment...
Next, MPVBleck encounters have all different kinds of endings. And sometimes, they end quite differently than they begin.... Mina is curious about the patch of goo she finds in the woods. She wants to 'stick a toe in it', but the bleck grabs her and draws her down. Panicking, she somehow gets to the edge and slowly pulls herself out. But the bleck isn't done with Mina - and vice versa. Her compact Asian body wants more of the sensation. So, off come the clothes and back into the MPVBleck goes Mina! Soon after sinking deep while naked, she decides to try to get the stuff in her butt. And so she tries that. Again and again. Harder and harder. Does she succeed? Well if not, it's hard to tell, because something about the attempt left Mina very satisfied....
Lastly, Star says she knows the way. But Ashley isn't so sure, especially when she lands in watery mud. But then, the way Star suddenly turns on Ashley and pushed her in, maybe it was planned... Mud wrestling ensues. Ashley gets the upper hand and makes an exit. But things go from bad to worse when Star catches her and pushes her into a boggy mess. A real deep mess. Didn't they see the sign? Quicksand. And they are already deep. So much for fighting. Now the fight is against mother nature, and she is playing a strong hand....
Damsels in Quicksand #16  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #16  DVD-R  Download
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