Damsels in Quicksand #17
Running Time 54 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Sometimes shorter really is sweeter. So while this title may lack a long run time, it packs a punch when it comes to sinking damsels!! 
Buckle up for:
Anabelle Pync, Summer Monroe, Ashley Lane, Brittany Shae and Nyssa Nevers.
These scenes will have you hitting the brakes. Get ready!

First, Anabelle is tied up and gagged, but has managed to escape her tormentors. But they aren't chasing her. They know she won't get far in the swamp. But she doesn't know, at least not at first. She hops along. Then she hops into the mire. It's hopeless after that, and she goes under, her last sounds muffled by the bog. It's very impressive. So much so, that she was made to do it again! The second time is even more agonizing for her, as it takes much longer to sink. Slow motion footage of her first plunge is included at the very end of the DVD.

Then, chosen as the new mate for Swamp Thing, Summer is cast into the swamp for conditioning. This is unknown to her though. All she knows is that she has been kidnapped, and left for lost in the wilderness, wearing a wedding dress! After a long and wet struggle, she makes it to dry ground. Dry, but not firm. And this is where she sinks into a pit of Swamp Goo fit for a legend. She sinks. She panics. She goes under. But then, she surfaces as a changed woman. She lets herself slip under again, coming up even more energized than before. She goes under, again and again. Each time she comes up, coated with swamp goo, she is even more ready for her new life in the swamp.
At the end, she crawls out, searching for the next step in the consummation of the swamp and herself......


Next, like other damsels before her, Ashley is mesmerized by the bubbling sand. She sticks her toes in it, and then her foot. After a while, she pitched forward and her leg sinks deep into the quicksand. She gets out. But Ashley is both extremely wary - and increasingly curious. She starts to leave but is drawn back. Can she play with this safely? She decides it's ok, if she doesn't get stuck. So Ashley sinks again into the quicksand. She gets stuck. And she starts sinking. Her voice progresses from irritated to concerned to fearful to panic, as she sinks deeper and deeper into the trap. What will become of Ashley? Will someone help her out?  We may never find out....
Also, Brittany has more than one problem. First, she thinks she can get through the Hammer Swamp by taking one giant step. Oops. Then, she just can't figure out which vine is the one that can help her escape the bog. She pulls on one after another. Sometimes they hold long enough to keep her from going under - and sometimes not. In the end, it doesn't take long for her futility to catch up to her. Or is it the quicksand? Either way, Brittany doesn't last very long. And if you like this, neither will you!
Next, folks have been asking for a truly dramatic scene in MPVBleck, and here is one!  Nyssa is out in the woods looking for Elsie, her cow. Nyssa is pissed that she is even out there, and stumbles into a small patch of bottomless quicksand! She sinks deep and tries to escape several ways. But she can't, and goes under, cursing Elsie the whole way. We would have left things that way, but after a pause in the action, Nyssa is seen climbing out of the ooze, still cursing her missing cow.  It was too good to not include it!
Lastly, It's a hot day in the Jungle. Too hot for clothes. Well, at least according to Anabelle. She finds herself cooling her feet in a jungle marsh. But the way back is through the swamp - and that's where the snakes hang out. And sure enough, one of them spots Anabelle and decides to drop in on her. Of course the snake loves it when they stumble into the quicksand. Do you think the snake can withstand Anabelle trying to drown it? You bet. Can Anabelle withstand the bottomless bog? Maybe. In any case, it's gonna be a hot summer by the looks of this scene!
Damsels in Quicksand #17  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #17  DVD-R  Download
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