Expressively Quicksand
Running Time 167 minutes    Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
As a worthy successor to 'Quicksand Impressions', Expressively Quicksand draws from the same deep stable of quality quicksand scenes. It has six new vignettes that will please and delight sinking fans everywhere.  Expressively Quicksand introduces Paris Kennedy, a vivacious, talented and beautiful actress. 
Paris is at ease evoking terror and arousal responses with surprising vigor. She is a very welcome addition to MPV's bevy of boggy maidens. 
So let
Paris, Lena, Amy, Brittany, Jenna and Kristine express themselves for you!
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First, Paris plays a beautiful model hoping to add some spice to her portfolio by posing in a bog. She starts out in a nice dinner dress and poses for the camera while sinking chest deep. She then strips down to her pantyhose and continues with the shoot. Things are going well until she goes in a third time and hits a soft spot. Maybe she should have passed on Portfolio Quicksand.

Next, Jenna and Kristine play Outlaws seeking a hidden treasure. Will either of them survive the struggle for ownership of the treasure map? Watch and find out!
Then, Amy Johnson finds out that deep mud can be a woman's best friend as she looks for her missing dog. You'll be feeling her excitement as her calls of "Here Doggie" turn into yelps of delight. Oh my!
Next, Paris plays a wayward bather who lands in deep trouble naked and Butt First. This predicament leaves her completely helpless and unable to move in any direction but straight down....
Then, Kristine performs a night time sink in creamy torch lit clay wearing a beautiful evening gown. After sinking waist deep, she spreads the dress out around her and becomes a delightful Night Flower. Yet another dreamy and interesting scene shot by Duncan Edwards.
Lastly, we present a creative fantasy that combines fearful and erotic responses in a new way. Brittany has agreed to photograph Lena and Paris tied up and sinking in a woodland bog. Everything is going according to plan when Brittany realizes that she left the camera back at the car. She hurries off to get the camera a leaves Lena and Paris tied up and baking in the hot sun. But Brittany has taken the wrong path and ends up in a dangerous pit of mud - while the other two decide to 'cool off' in the bog. Brittany fears for her life while the two Ribbon Babes set about making the bog boil with their passion. What follows is a study in contrasts as the three women grasp the reality of mire in their own ways...
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