"I Can't Get Out!" #1
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here is where we kick off a brand new series of DVDs featuring nothing but stuck and struggling!
Five ferocious scenes, featuring: 
Sarah Michelle, Lyn, Summer Monroe, May, and Annabelle Genovisi.
It's all struggling. It's all awesome. It's Quicksand Visuals girls getting stuck!


First, Sarah Michelle makes history as she steps into a 6' deep pit of MPVBleck and eventually sinks from sight! She appears a moment later, happy to have experienced the rush of adrenaline the MPVBleck provided. Then she struggles mightily to escape the grip of the bleck, eventually letting herself float near the surface before making her escape. She then sinks again, enjoying the grip of the pit and the challenge to get out. This is a great showcase for Sarah's personality, as well as the first deep application of Oobleck anywhere!

Then, it's Lyn, as she sinks in thick MPVBleck - in the Philippines, getting stuck several times. At one point, she is completely befuddled as she tries to get out, only to sink deeper and deeper! Lyn looks fantastic, especially after her hair comes down and the exertion levels go up. Her cuteness adds to the pleasure of seeing her struggle against the gooey mess.
Watching her sink with her feet tucked up behind her is especially erotic. A must-have for fans of stuck and sinking Asian gals.
Next, we have tough, sexy, blonde Amazon Summer up against the implacable MPVBleck. A match truly made for excitement, and it doesn't disappoint! It's obvious from the outset that Summer sees the MPVBleck as a physical challenge and she doesn't shy away. She steps right in and lets it take her. She does this repeatedly, sinking deeper each time. The cameras captured her over and over again as she used her strength against the grip of the mire. Lots of nice shots of the bleck sticking and clinging to her. And oh yea, the MPVBleck happily sucks her bikini off along the way. :-)
Then, we thought that continuing our MPVBleck development while in the Philippines might be interesting, and, why not? With ladies like May willing to try it out, it was an opportunity too good to pass up! And after May started playing and sinking in the goo, we realized that it was indeed a good move. Her long legs looked great descending into the doughy mess, and provided that much more flesh for the bleck to grip. May let herself get trapped four different times. Perhaps the most interesting one was when she went knees first, with her feet trapped against her round derriere.
Yum! Have a look at this. Every minute is fun...!

Lastly, Annabelle visits the MPVBleck, but doesn't realize that it has thickened down below and is just waiting to grab her feet and change the way she feels about playing there. But Annabelle is a fighter and takes this change as a challenge. There's lots of cursing and punching as she takes it out on the heaving and quaking and grabby bleck. It fights back, pulling her pants down and soiling her top. Annabelle ends up battling naked in the thick goo. Who wins? We do!.
"I Can't Get Out!" #1  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #1  DVD-R  Download
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