"I Can't Get Out!" #2
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for another sticky and sinky mess?
Candle Boxxx, Jane, Sarah Michelle, Nina and Kendra James all experience the struggle of a lifetime as they find themselves trying to escape different types of grippy situations.  And you get to watch!

First, in our first official 'stuck' video, Candle Boxxx proves to be a perfect choice, providing a nice blend of real struggling and dry wit. There are real shades of things to come as the seemingly benign bleck grabs her and won't let go! All we told Candle was that she couldn't touch the sides of the 'box' she was in. And seriously, that was all it took for her to have a genuinely hard time coping with the MPVBleck. And tar fans will really appreciate the color and texture of this particular batch of bleck. Yet another promise that this groundbreaking videos holds forth. But really, at the end of the day, here is Candle, stuck in a gooey mess! Yeah!!

Then, it's the first scene we shot in the Philippines MPVBleck pit, once it was ready. We didn't know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised at how sticky and soft it was.
Jane wasn't particularly thrilled. She got stuck. And instead of getting out, her struggles made her sink deeper and deeper. Fun stuff!
At one point she is heard suggesting that more water be added. She didn't understand that 'stuck and sinking' was what MPVBleck is all about!
This scene is a little short on variations, but is long on genuine struggling and exasperation. Jane takes her skirt off near the end for a nice sexy look. Dig in!
Next, Sarah Michelle was in an exception mood when she came bounding out of the woods, naked, and intent on experiencing Oobleck for the first time. And that enthusiasm never waned, as she really exceeded our expectations with her obvious levels of fun and arousal. Just watching her play with the stuff was fun, but then she started moving in such a way that there was no doubt as to where she was focusing the sensations of the pulling and gripping ooze! The Oobleck was in fine form and so was Sarah. Watch this scene and see if you agree!
Then, Anyone wondering if Nina was going to be seen in the MPVBleck? Well, wonder now more. And even better, we had the bleck looser for this last day of shooting in that particular batch, so it looked and acted a bit better than the previous days. But honestly, the real treat here is Nina, with her awesome legs, round butt and playful personality. She heard about the bleck, and was reluctant to submit to it, but eventually she did. And watching her try to escape was great, because like some of the other Pinays, she actually sank deeper as she tried to get out - several times. The next time in was minus her denim skirt, and she ended up topless and deep. This is a 'must have' for Nina fans and a real gem for fans of stuck and sinking Asians!
Lastly,  In a very stirring sinking and stuck presentation, Kendra James makes her MPV debut in a deep pit of soft and gripping MPVBleck! Kendra is a very experienced and beautiful fetish model/actress and she really knows how to focus on new experiences. In this first of two long and entertaining segments, she makes it clear that this is a new sensation for her. The look on her face as she sinks for the first time is priceless. And every moment thereafter is very entertaining. She is fascinated by the MPVBleck and we were fascinated by her!  She sinks repeatedly and relishes the sensation of the goop as it alternatively lets her body slip deep into it and grips her hard as she tries to get out. There are also some delightful messy moments as she picks up chunks of the stuff and lets it ooze down her taught body. Kendra also treats us to some nice looks at her body as she offers variations on how to get stuck, even in the shallow bits. A beautiful lady, in a tremendously entertaining situation. It's a tough combination to pass up. Check it out!
"I Can't Get Out!" #2  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #2  DVD-R  Download
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