"I Can't Get Out!" #3
Running Time 98 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for more sticky and sinky action?
Summer Monroe, Anne, Saraliz, Mitch and Candle Boxxx are in for a struggle as they match their strength
against sticky (and deep) goo - just for you!


First, Summer, looking hot in light safari gear, treats us to eighteen minutes of sinking and stuck and struggling bliss, as she pits her size and strength against the deep and thick and gripping MPVBleck! Over and over again, she allows the bleck to get a hold on her shapely body. And each time, she struggles against the mire, slowly working her way out. But even after she learns a little trick, we are treated to the sight of the muck clutching her, not wanting to let go. Yummy!!

Then, a funny thing happened when Anne was introduced to me as a 'new girl', because she looked kinda familiar. And sure enough, later in the day, I realized she had worked for us before, two years earlier, at the same location. But our recruiter needn't try to pass her off as new, because Anne really has it going on! She's pretty and tall and has a great 'womanly' figure. And she has a sweet personality to go with all that. Just right for the thick MPVBleck! This is a very tasty stuck and sinking scene, with great looks at Anne's legs and backside. And like many of the gals, she actually sinks deeper in the bleck while trying to escape!
Next, this is when we got to introduce MPVBleck. It's oobleck, but with a couple unique twists, making it our own special creation. And the girls love it. It grips and holds, but flows like goop at the same time. We mixed up a batch and poured it into a fairly deep hole (deeper than it looks). The first to try it was Sara Liz, and this is that scene. She sinks in, gets aroused, and gets off. But her lust turns to anger and frustration when she tries to get out and can't. But she does get out, eventually, after a lot of struggling. She's almost tempted to give it another go when she is reminded of how good it feels, but makes a gooey getaway...
Then, Hmmm. Mitch in MPVBleck. Just the sound of it is intoxicating. And the reality of it is truly interesting. Mitch has a family now, and it mellowed her a bit, but you can tell that the original spunky Mitch is still there, and will be back in full force before long. But here she is, sinking those delightful legs into the gooey and thick bleck, and struggling to pull them back out again. She does this a couple times before pulling her top down and sinking with her feet tucked up behind her. She caps off her MPVBleck encounter with a nice deep sink with some delicious moments sunk up to her young breasts. Well worth the effort!!
Lastly, Candle and Saraliz, wearing bikinis, come across a box filled with MPVBleck. They can't resist trying it out. And so they soon find themselves getting good and messy in the sticky goo! They gob it on each other in a very sexy fashion and before long are sitting in the bleck, naked, and ready for more fun. It gets physical. But that's kind of tricky in MPVBleck. It's slow motion wrestling in goop that grabs even more than the opponent! It's very much fun and sexy stuff to watch!
"I Can't Get Out!" #3  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #3  DVD-R  Download
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