"I Can't Get Out!" #4
Running Time 112 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here comes another great Stuck DVD!
Star, Lyn, Sarah Michelle, Kendra James, Nikko Jordan, Bea and Summer Monroe struggle mightily to escape clutching traps - just for you!

First, we were running out of daylight, but the idea of Star wearing something nice (in this case a bright green pencil skirt and white blouse) while struggling against the deep MPVBleck was hard to pass up. With her long legs and zest for a challenge, Star makes out like she has a kink for deep mess. She acts repulsed, but then slips right in and begins the mucky struggle against the gripping bleck. Time and again, she sinks into the depths of the mire and then struggles to escape. Eventually, her skirt becomes untenable, and it is left behind. She sinks extra deep the last time in, and then wrestles her way out again before slinking off. Gripping!

Then, here was one of the pleasant surprises of the 2015 Philippines trip. It's time to meet Lyn, who embodies all of the pleasant traits associated with Philippine gals. She's cute, sexy, fun, nice, adventurous, and eager to please. And she definitely brought those gifts to the MPVBleck. Lyn did a good job being original with her interaction with the pit of goopy and sticky bleck. She got horizontal a lot more than usual, and threw in some nice moves. But when it came time to let the MPVBleck grab her, she got seriously stuck, just like everyone else! The first time was especially good, because she didn't know how to deal with it, and sank quite a bit before getting some skill at getting loose. But even then, it was a nice struggle to break free each time. The last time in, she sinks to her chest, looking great in the process. Spend some time with Lyn in the MPVBleck. She's fun!!
Next, in the finale of the first MPVBleck shoot of the season, Kendra, Sarah and Nikko take turns sinking and extracting themselves - each trying to out perform the others. It's a lot of un watching them settle into the grippy mire and then try to escape. After they each sink twice, all three gals sink straight into the goo one by one, with their hands held to their sides. This slows thing down of course! After some tasty struggling to escape, they have a group hug, which sends Sarah and Kendra into the deep MPVBleck together. So our first application of deep MPVBleck climaxes with two naked beauties sinking side by side. What do the do once they are in there?  Tune in and find out!
Then, in her MPV debut, Bea makes a memorable impression with her beauty and physique as she struggles against the grip of the thick Philippines MPVBleck! Like the other gals before her, Bea is apprehensive about letting the bleck get a grip on her - and also struggles quite a bit the first time she sinks. And even better, she finds the 'knees first' position especially frightening. And even after escaping that, the look of concern when she goes topless and deep is palpable.
This is a nicely entertaining scene for for fans of stuck, sinking, and pretty Asians. If you happen to like all three..... Bingo!

Lastly, we have seen Summer get the best of everyone and everything we have ever put her up against, but this time, she met her match. With her hands expertly bound behind her back, she jumps into thick, deep MPVBleck and absolutely can not get out. She tries mightily, even pushing off against the sides of the pit towards the end. But the clutching and heaving bleck will not let go. This is a sensational video for fans of strong women in true distress. (Completely spent, Summer is indeed dragged out - shown at the end of the video).
"I Can't Get Out!" #4  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #4  DVD-R  Download
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