"I Can't Get Out!" #5
Running Time 111 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Get ready for another cool DVD filled with Stuck Goodness!
Ludella Hahn, Nina, Anne, Little Mina, Bea, Star and Summer Monroe are all up against clutching and gripping mess!

First, Ludella heard it was 'quicksand', so she had to find out for herself. She could see it was a small area. But, she senses that there is a challenge to be had. So she steps in and sinks deep. And thus, the challenge begins. It so nice to watch Ludella struggling. In fact her prowess as a burlesque queen may actually be matched by her damsel qualities. Watching her rip her "too heavy" top off just adds to the fun! Go ahead and get stuck with her. You won't be sorry!!

Then, for those of you waiting for this scene, get ready (and fire up your broadband), because this is a long and fun look at two lovely gals struggling repeatedly against the thick MPVBleck in the Philippines. Nina and Anne go through the usual paces in this sinking and stuck and struggling party, but because there is two of them, it takes a deliciously long time to play out. And really, Nina seems to get the worst of it - partly because she tries to have Anne pull her out (mistake) and she seems to have been worn out by her solo encounter earlier in the day. You can really see the frustration mount when she is unable to get out of the grippy bleck. Good, sexy fun!
Next, Little Mina happens upon the MPVBleck Box and gets curious. Really curious. After sticking her hands in, she accidentally steps in with both feet (of course). From there, it's a long and delightful look at Mina struggling with a strange 'tar baby'. Her skirt comes off about half way through the scene. But even so, this scene is sexy in a rather innocent sort of way. It's all about frustration and struggling. And the very appealing Mina serves it up very well indeed!


Then, In the last of the early thick MPVBleck scenes from the Philippines, Bea settles into the goo looking splendid in a purple cocktail dress. Even though she manages to pose for the still camera (which makes the scene longer), she is still uneasy about being able to escape the grip of the clutching bleck. She does end up struggling mightily at times - even breaking out in a heavy sweat! Bea is a very attractive woman, and it's a real treat to see her sink repeatedly in the challenging MPVBleck mire.
Lastly, we just had to bring "Push Me!" to the MPVBleck, and Star and Summer did a great job with it. It's hard to tell how these things will go. And honestly, that's half the fun. In this case, both ladies went quite deep on the first shove. And that simply led to a whole bunch of sinking and struggling. At the end, they were both in the bleck at the same time (maybe not too smart). In any case, they decided to tell the park rangers about the 'quicksand' they found in the woods!
"I Can't Get Out!" #5  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #5  DVD-R  Download
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