"I Can't Get Out!" #6
Running Time 129 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
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Star, Jane, Sam, Saraliz, May, Mitch and Anabelle Pync struggle to escape deep and gripping entanglements!

First, Star is certain that getting out of a nice rope job in a pool of 'mud' will be a piece of cake. Maybe it would be - if were really mud. But it's not. It's MPVBleck, which is not slippery at all. In fact, getting out would be a challenge all by itself! So in she goes, and down she goes, and then not much further. Star struggles against the rope and the sticky goo. The stuff draws her deep from time to time. But she manages to keep breathing. Will she escape? Can she do it without the use of her hands? Tune in and find out!

Then,  it's time to see what it's like when two gals step into MPVBleck together. And Jane and Sam were ready to try it. And we were not disappointed! This is a nice long sexy scene that features some nice sinking action. But the real treat here is the struggling that they endured to get free from the grip of the goop. Some of the runtime was spent playing in a horizontal position, but really, this is about being stuck, and being stuck together, which created some challenges! You just have to see this to really appreciate it. Both stuck and sinking fans will find this a great value!
Next, Saraliz treats us to what it's like to see a sexy blonde play an updated version of the Tar Baby. She can't avoid playing with the disgusting, and yet mesmerizing MPVBleck. First itís her fingers, and then her hands, and then inevitably, the rest of her comely body. And it's not long into the scene that we realize she left home without her panties... No wonder she ends up in so much sticky trouble! This is a real treat for the stuck fans, as well as anyone who likes to watch Saraliz struggle in messy goop!
Then,  we up the ante by not just having both May and Mitch getting stuck in bleck at the same time, but wearing lingerie - and going topless to boot! And then, how about over 30 minutes of that? You can't go wrong here. Whether you are a stuck or sinking fan, there is a ton of sexy action to enjoy. And these gals know the score. They are doing this for you, straight from the tropics to your screen. Check out the trailer. It's just too much to try to describe!
Lastly, in her MPV debut, Anabelle Pync looks awesome as she wears herself out in a fresh batch of MPVBleck! We didn't tell what to do really (more like what *not* to do), and that was a good call, because she really put on a show, the way only she could. Anabelle has a unique personality that is fun and sexy at the same time. And when it's mixed with the grabby and messy MPVBleck, it's a real winner. She really challenged herself to explore every aspect of the bleck. So much so that she is visibly tired by the end of it. Have a look at this. See if you can resist it!  !
"I Can't Get Out!" #6  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #6  DVD-R  Download
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