"I Can't Get Out!" #7
Running Time 103 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready to be glued in place?  Because once you start watching this DVD, you won't be moving for a while!
Summer Monroe, Little Mina, Alora Jaymes, Anabelle Pync and Star will keep you from getting away...

First, Summer is always up for a sinking and stuck challenge, so it's no surprise that she doesn't hesitate to see how far she can jump into a pit of goo and still be a able to get out. She picks her spots carefully. And sure enough, each time she jumps further, it's harder to get out. And she really is ready to go home after a huge struggle to escape the special oobleck. But just like a gambling addict, she has to play one last hand. And this particular round goes pretty 'quick'.

Then,  Little Mina remembers how bad she got stuck in the MPVBleck Box a couple years ago. So when it came to trying deep MPVBleck, she wasn't at all sure that she should. So, the nervous energy that she appears to have through most of the scene is very real. IN fact, we were only able to coax her into sinking straight down after she managed to escape the grippy goop several times on her own. We get asked occasionally why we shoot these orientation scenes. In this case, it's the only thing Mina was ready for. And besides, who doesn't want to watch her sinking in the stuff and getting her body covered in goo?
Next, New Girl Alora had no idea what she was getting into when she came to Camp MPV, and this is just a case of piling it on. Or was the experience just starting to 'sink in'. Hehe. Either way, Alora had a blast. A real blast. That's partly because we just told her to have fun. Her idea of fun was to have (her real life lover) Anabelle with her. And so, why not? This super long scene doesn't fit into any one category. It's long though. And along the way there is a fair amount of really good sinking, some really nice messy (especially ass) shots, a little girl girl fun, and a lot of messy fun in general. This is a great way to get to know Alora, see more of Anabelle, and be titillated all at the same time!!
Then,  Star finds herself in the woods on a stormy night, gagged and with her hands bound behind her, her feet tied together. It's time to encounter a dangerous deep clay pit. Right? She falls in, and after a mighty struggle, manages to work her way to the edge. Standing up, she realizes that her feet are stuck in the thick goo at the edge of the pit. Bound the way she is, it's really, really hard to move. Oops. In she goes again! But this time she finds the deepest part of the slippery mud.
Lastly, how do you get Mina, Summer and Anabelle involved in a nice batch of thick MPVBleck at night? Put on some tunes and let them groove to the beat! It's not our usual thing. But the ladies really enjoyed it, and used whatever energy they had towards the end to twerk their naked asses - both in and out of the bleck. But before that, they enjoyed the thrill of doing an impromptu dance line across the surface of the pit. And each time, slowing their progress down, waiting to see how far they could let their feet sink before the bleck closed over them. But of course they did sink; one by one and then all together. It's a long and delicious bleck episode featuring three of our most popular models. Grab some snacks (or whatever) and enjoy the show!
"I Can't Get Out!" #7  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #7  DVD-R  Download
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