"I Can't Get Out!" #8
Running Time 103 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
These ladies keep getting stuck! Do you suppose they like it?  In any case, they know that we do!
Summer Monroe, Brittany Shae, Little Mina, Alora Jaymes, Anabelle Pync and Nyssa Nevers keep finding new ways to satisfy our craving for struggling.....

First, in a scheme to wear out Summer in a nice deep batch of thickening MPVBleck, we rigged a strong overhead line and a playground swing handle. And sure enough, Summer made several attempts to lift herself out of the clutching bleck. At first, it came in handy. But as the effort to pull out of the clutching bleck took its toll, Summer became more and more helpless against the grippy blob she kept sinking into. Even removing her clothing didn't help. The MPVBleck just didn't want to give up Summer's body easily. This is a long and entertaining scene, offering many good looks at Summer as she gets stuck repeatedly in the fresh morning air and deep muck.

Then, we thought it would be nice to put Brittany in a nice dress, get her wet, and then get her stuck in really sticky MPVBleck. This all went according to plan - especially the stuck part, which freaked out Brittany. So, after a reset (and a general loosening of the bleck), Brittany went back in to get *not quite* so stuck. And we're very glad that she was brave enough to do this. Brittany is truly a sweet girl. But seeing her vulnerable, and messy, and hot, and helpless and, well, you get the picture. This is very arousing!
Next,  Mina is stuck on getting stuck. And it doesn't matter how pretty you are, addictions are, uh, messy. And they're also fun to watch. Mina knows that bleck is the way to go, so she settles right in and the struggling starts. She manages to escape several times. But it's right back in again, as she just can't help herself. The last time, she gets extra deep and gets her arms stuck to her side for good measure. Is the desperation real? Or is it part of the game? One thing is for certain. Mina puts herself through some serious struggling, and looks super hot as she slowly hauls herself out.
Yea, it can be addictive, for sure.
Also, of that many things we like about Alora, maybe the thing that pleases the most is just how natural she is. She just doesn't have any filters. So when her excitable (and smoking hot!) body hits the bleck, her sexual giddiness is on full display. Alora had a *good time* in this scene - over and over. In fact, that's one of the hallmarks of the scene. She sinks over and over, and gets a thrill every time. The first time it's with the bikini on. But the bottoms come off almost right away after that. Ever notice that when a lady is aroused by sinking, it's always the bottoms that come off first? Anyways, enjoy Alora, unfiltered and deep in clutching MPVBleck!
Then, after Brittany struggled against the thick MPVBleck, Anabelle was ready to give it a try. And really, she gave everybody a workout. She manages to get every limb entangled in the clutching, gripping bleck. And each time, she endures a monumental struggle to get them loose. And along the way, she makes quite a mess! Of course, loose fitting clothing usually falls victim to the grip and weight of the oobleck, and so by the end of the ordeal, Anabelle is naked - and exhausted. Ready for some serious messy stuck action? It honestly doesn't get much better than this!
Lastly, three ladies stomping on, and sinking into MPVBleck - and then struggling to get out!  Little Mina leads the way. As usual, Summer powers her way through much of the scene. But even she can be surprised at just how grippy the bleck can be. Poor Nyssa gets her butt stuck at one end. She then literally has to go deep to escape. There is a brief sexual moment involving wave action. But really, this is about having fun. And all three of them certainly did that. Lots of sinking. Lots of stuck. Too much to pass up! !
"I Can't Get Out!" #8  DVD-R


"I Can't Get Out!" #8  DVD-R  Download
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