Quicksand, Another Step Forward
Running Time 81 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
One small step for a woman, one giant hard-on for mankind!!
Well, something like that.  Actually, this DVD represents the look from our second season at Camp MPV.
This DVD features 
Darby O'Riley, Gummi, Kymberly Jane, Stormy RoseSativa, Star
and introduces
Candle Boxx and Natalia Chaplin.
Have a close look at the action below. Forward is definitely the direction we are headed!


First, we follow up on the Follow the Leader with Double Double Cross. Gummi and Darby and apprentice Kym are on their way to dish out a contract
ass-kicking.  They don't know what happened to the other two girls that were sent out on this job, but they're about to find out!

Next, Stormy and Sativa try to have some sinking fun and end up  Darwin Too in Quicksand.  It takes a while, but this story does live up to it's name!
Then, Candle Boxx gets a taste of Camping Quicksand. She's out of her tent early in the morning with a strong urge to pee. But, how embarrassing! She steps into quicksand.
After realizing there's no choice, she calls to
Star for help.  What follows is some nice banter to go along with the sinking in this light-hearted segment.
Next, we see another meaning for the expression Ice Cold. Stormy is a bitchy customer who just can't wait for her cold beer and vegetable tempura.
Sativa is the poor gal who has to bring it to her.  How cold is Stormy?  Ice cold.
Then, PGummi takes a spin in Hollywood Quicksand.  This is a good example how we figured out how to keep this pit from gobbling up pretty women in a single gulp.
It's not easy to tame Hollywood Quicksand. But we did. Check out the nice and slow results!
Then, it's time for Natalia to get to Curious.  And MPV fans knows what that means.
Natalia thinks that the patch of wet soft sand is nothing but a fun pastime, until it's too late and it grabs her and won't let go!
Lastly, we get to see what happens when Kym thinks she has a genie fooled, but end up making a Death Wish. Darby is just a genie that wants to do her duty by
 playing by the rules.  So when Kym tries to get more than what's coming to her, Darby turns the tables.  Good stuff!
Quicksand, Another Step Forward  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward  DVD-R  Download
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