Quicksand, Another Step Forward #2
Running Time 86 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's finally time for another taste of the fruits of season two at Camp MPV!
As with the first offering, this DVD features a scrumptious variety of sinking entertainment.
It features 
Natalia Chaplin, Star, Candle Boxxx, Kymberly JaneDarby O'Riley,
Gummi, Stormy and Sativa.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's obvious that there are no diminishing returns!
Trailer now available!!
(see below)

First, Natalia Chaplin puts a seriously memorable stamp on the Sinking in the Rain by putting on a great performance in an awesome looking bog.
If you haven't seen the video of this, you are missing something.

Next, the camera comes to the rescue as Star, and then Candle, end up in a deadly pit of deep, gurgling clay. It's not a perfect rescue,
but the ladies are very grateful for the help...
Then, Star takes a turn on the fantasy side of life as she soaks herself in a scenic creek and then walks straight into a bottomless bog.
This is one of the rare fantasy sinks that we shot in 2012.
Next, Kym wanders through the woods on a narrow and winding trail before encountering deadly Hollywood Quicksand.
Will being sexily dressed for a summer party keep her safe? Hardly.
Then, Darby arrives at what she thinks is a remote mud bath, but ignores the lack of amenities and finds herself in deadly peril.
Darby puts her own memorable stamp on this simple but effective recurring theme.
Then, the classic 'Curious' theme is performed nicely by Gummi. The scene starts out playful, but gets serious when Gummi realizes that she is stuck - and sinking.
She struggles against the clutching sand and finally gives up after sinking to her chest.
Lastly, Stormy and Sativa have escaped from Sex Slavers but find that their freedom is short lived in the dangerous wilderness.
We call this Sex Slave Girls in Quicksand.
As a bonus scene, Gummi experiences real quicksand for the first time. She sinks up to her ribcage and then poses for the camera. Great eye candy for lovers of real quicksand!
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QSASF2 Trailer
Quicksand, Another Step Forward #2  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward #2  DVD-R  Download
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