Quicksand, Another Step Forward #3
Running Time 73 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's finally time for another taste of the fruits of season two at Camp MPV!
As with the second offering, this DVD features an incredible variety of sinking entertainment!
It features 
Natalia Chaplin, Darby O'Riley, Kymberly Jane, Candle BoxxxJessica Marsh,
, Stormy Rose, Star , Angel and Aiza.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!


Natalia is on the hunt for Water Hemlock, because she intends to poison her own sister to gain a larger share of an inheritance. Deadly is as deadly does, you might say, because the only Water Hemlock she's going to find is growing on the edge of a dangerous bog. It's called  Arsenic and Deep Quicksand.

Next, Kym sends Darby to a yucky sun bathing spot, not realizing that spots that look like quicksand might actually BE quicksand. But it's not only Darby that pays for Kym's mistake....
Then, Kym gives the 'Curious' theme a great workout in this scene. Plenty of nice struggling compliments her sexy physique. Definitely belongs in any serious collection of quicksand goodies!
Next, Candle walks through the woods on a narrow and winding trail before encountering deadly Hollywood quicksand. As one would expect, Candle puts her personal touch on the proceedings!
Then, Despondent Jessica wants to end it all. She wanders around in the woods, and all she can say is "I just want to die!" Oh, really? Perhaps she's about to experience a Change of Heart.
Then, Sativa stumbles into Hollywood Quicksand and sinks from sight.
Lastly, Star (Bag Girl) is being chased by Candle (Gun Girl) into a dangerous swamp. Which will prevail - Gun? Grenade? Quicksand? Four minutes and forty five seconds of quicksand action you will not soon forget....  It's The Living and the Dead.
As a bonus scene, Stormy looks great in a slick bathing suit as she sinks in real quicksand for the first time. There are several nice shots of the wet sand bubbling up around her legs and crotch as she settles deeper and deeper into the pit!
And, in another bonus scene,  Angel and Aiza push each other around in the peat. Pretty casual overall. Nice (accidental) scenery....
Quicksand, Another Step Forward #3  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward #3  DVD-R  Download
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