Quicksand, Another Step Forward #4
Running Time 103 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for yet another taste of the action from season two at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an awesome variety of sinking entertainment.  Nine different segments!!
Star, Stormy Rose, Sativa, Natalia ChaplinDarby O'Riley,
Jessica Marsh, Candle Boxxx and Kymberly Jane.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!


Star is hiking in a remote wilderness and happens upon a basket containing a basket of melon wine. Thinking that the locals abandoned it as a sacrifice, she attempts to help herself.
Turns out,  what she ends up needing is help, herself.
It's called  Bog Sacrifice.

Next, Stormy and Sativa have fun with a small patch of quicksand in the woods. They are kind of timid at first, but then have a good time sinking side by side.
There are nice close-ups of sand bubbling up around their thighs and buttocks!
Then, Natalia, walking through the wet woods, starts to here someone or something call her name. By the time she discovers the source it is raining, and her fate is sealed. But it's not a fate she isn't willing to embrace...  I Heard the Bog Call My Name, Natalia
Next, Darby looks fantastic in a short jumper as she walks through the woods and then sinks from sight in Hollywood Quicksand.
Then, In this darkly surreal scene called  Appetizer and Main Course Natalia follows Jessica at a distance, when Jessica suddenly jumps into a bog and promptly disappears.
Natalia is dumbstruck, but then realizes that Jessica is down for the count. Trying to rescue her doesn't make things any better...
Then, Candle tries her hand (and everything else) at the 'Curious' theme, and turns in a very entertaining performance.
Soon after enjoying the 'supportive' aspect of the heavy wet sand, she realizes that she is stuck - and not going anywhere without help...
Darby is happy to show the camera a cool mud spot in the woods. She seems even more happy to disrobe and enter the mud, with the intention of joining the camera on the far side.
But, she's not very pleased when she sinks to her doom half way there.
Stormy and Sativa take turns pushing each other into a deep peat pit in a remote meadow in a scene called Deep Peat Dare. It's all fun until they both end up in the bog at the same time.
This long scene features a lot of nice waist deep and chest deep plunges, as well as some mucky nudity. Both gals submerge at the end.

And, in a bonus scene,  what was supposed to be an orientation to the quicksand pit, Kym finds delight by treating us to a fun and sinky romp in a sexy bikini! There are wonderful shots of her nubile form settling into the wet and swirling sand. Check it out. She had fun and so will you!
Quicksand, Another Step Forward #4  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward #4  DVD-R  Download
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