Quicksand, Another Step Forward #5
Running Time 65 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for another excellent taste of our second season at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an awesome variety of sinking entertainment.  Nine different segments!!
Candle Boxxx, Star, Jessica Marsh, Gummi, Darby O'Riley and Natalia Chaplin.
 Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!



Candle torments Star by stealing her locket, and then tossing it a pit of dangerous Hollywood quicksand. But Star's crying gets the better of Candle, and she makes her way into the ooze to retrieve it. Will Star also show some compassion? It's called  Guilt Trip.

Then, dressed in lightweight safari gear, Jessica looks like she's going to a jungle social, but ends up in deadly peril instead.
This short but intense vignette features some classic struggling against an implacable foe!
Next, Gummi walks through the woods on a narrow and winding trail before encountering deadly Hollywood quicksand.
As one would expect, Gummi puts her personal spin on things as she sinks from sight!
Next, Darby and Gummi go into the woods to retrieve fresh clay for their pottery class.
But they must have taken a wrong turn, because their playful antics get them in serious trouble much too easily. Getting deep into your subject is usually a good thing, but not on this day.
Then, Star plays with the 'Curious' theme and our minds as she plays in, gets stuck in, and then sinks in, real quicksand.
Great shots of the sand bubbling up around her legs and body as she settles deeper and deeper in the flowing sand. Groovy!
Then, Natalia is seen walking through the woods before she stumbles into quicksand. After that, it's a nice slow sink with some potent struggling.
Natalia has a nice flair for playing a damsel in distress.
Gummi is happy to shop the camera a cool mud spot in the woods. She seems even more happy to strip and enter the mud, with the intention of joining the camera on the far side.
But, she's not very pleased when she sinks to her doom half way there.
Jessica and Natalia play bickering friends who come up on the short end of one of their usual arguments.
Jessica insists that a dangerous looking bog is actually NOT dangerous quicksand. God forbid she be right....

And, in a bonus scene,  Darby looks great in a bikini as she sinks in real quicksand for the first time. There are several nice shots of the wet sand bubbling up around her legs and butt as she settles deeper and deeper into the pit!
Quicksand, Another Step Forward #5  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward #5  DVD-R  Download
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