Quicksand, Another Step Forward #6
Running Time 61 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for the ultimate round of action from season two at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an incredible variety of sinking scenes.
Candle Boxxx, Darby O'Riley, Stormy Rose, Gummi,
Star and Kymberly Jane.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!


Candle looks spectacular as she revels in crystal clear water wearing a latex unitard. After soaking up the sparkling water, she wanders into a deadly bog, still soaking wet.
From there, fate takes over.  We call this concept
Watery Grave.  Note - approximately half of the run time of this scene is non-sinking.

Next, Darby is looking better than ever in a pretty bikini as she explores a deceptive patch of wet sand in the woods. Before she realizes it, she is stuck in the quicksand and sinking.
There are nice shots of her toned legs flexing under the strain of trying escape the trap. Nice!
Then, Stormy looks fetching in a leopard print two piece nightie as she stumbles into Hollywood Quicksand and slowly sinks from sight.
Some nice struggling and vocals add to the visual impact of the scene.
Next, Gummi is field testing the latest handheld Garmtom GPS. Too bad her IQ wasn't up to office work standards, because she fails to recognize a change in elevation for what it really was.
Bad waypoint, for sure.
Then, Candle looks great in a bikini as she sinks in real quicksand for the first time. She really puts the pit through the paces as she works her long longs in and out of the bubbling wet sand.
Then, Star, in a denim skirt, walks through the jungle and encounters Hollywood style quicksand. After debating what the typical response would be, she experiences the typical result.
 Kym, Darby and Gummi play preppy horse riders who find themselves on foot, and separated in a dangerous wilderness.
Trouble starts when Kym believes her friend is under the surface of a bog and needs help. When the other two find her in trouble, they join her by accident.  It's a Bog Nightmare!
A grim and yet very funny little story - well played by all.
And, in a bonus scene,  Natalia is shown during her first moments in front of MPV cameras, never mind her first time in quicksand!
She does a fine job sinking into the wet, runny sand, all the way to her chest!
Quicksand, Another Step Forward #6  DVD-R


Quicksand, Another Step Forward #6  DVD-R  Download
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