Quicksand, Breaking New Ground
Running Time 60 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time to unleash the visual power of Camp MPV!
Here is a bounty of sinking scenes from our first permanent filming locations, and what a start this is...
They feature
Paris Kennedy, Star, Sativa Verde, Darby O'Riley, Gummi,
, Sativa, and (new girl) Rockell Starbux.
So, get set for a super soft ride as we start a whole new era in quicksand video entertainment!

First,  Paris Kennedy and Star play a deadly game of Follow the Leader. Star is the 'new girl' in a pack of dangerous ladies. Paris is leading her to an ass-kicking. But to get there,
they have to cross a dangerous swamp. Will Paris lead by example?  Tune in and find out!

Next, Star kicks off a series of no-frills (no story) scenes. This one introduces what we call the Hollywood Quicksand pit at Camp MPV.
Star stumbles in and slowly sinks from sight. There's not much to that, really, but imagine the dramatic possibilities that this type of location offers!
Then, Kristine, Darby O'Riley and Gummi treat us to a Three Peat. That what we're calling three quick solos in a wooded peat pit.
Again, no plot lines here, but rather high impact and stunning sinks. Get ready!
Next, we see Sativa take a turn in the Hollywood Quicksand. She's got excellent dramatic chops, and they are on full display here.
Several fans have already commented on this particular submersion. It's one of the best ever filmed!
Then, Sativa and new girl Rockell Starbux make their way to a supposedly fun spot in the woods. But what was supposed to be a naughty interlude turns into a struggle
 to the death as they realize the mortal danger they have placed themselves in. Which one comes out on top of this unexpected game of
Peat Pit Survivor?
Lastly, Darby O'Riley channels Maria from The Sound of Music. But this little number is called The Sound of Sinking!
Darby is out for a picturesque walk on a beautiful sunny day. The beautiful music swells as she smells the blossom she has picked along the way.
But the pretty music comes to an end - and so does the happy vibe. And what about the sweet lady walking in the meadow?  Maybe she's not really that sweet after all....
 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground  DVD-R  


 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground  DVD-R Download  
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