Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #2
Running Time 77 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here's more ground breaking content from Camp MPV!
Six scenes of stunning intensity plus a bonus goody from the Philippines. You just can't make a wrong step.  :-o
They feature 
Star, Gummi, Darby O'Riley, Rockell Starbux,
Paris Kennedy, Sativa, and (Filipina) Jane.
Slip into this DVD, and support the idea of more gals slipping into the danger of this boggy location!!

First,  Star finds out that Ignorance is Bliss. She shows up at a woodland clay pit expecting a luxurious mud bath, but finds out to her horror that this is not the spot to trying such things!
Star is the first to perform this scene, which will likely be repeated (until we run out of models).

Next, Gummi and Darby perform what we call the Hollywood Quicksand Trial.  This Camp MPV location was not really completed yet, but the danger was already there, and we decided that they should
try it out. First, Gummi tied up Darby and cast her into the pit. After some pretty mean taunting, Darby slips under the surface. After a tense moment or two, Darby appears behind Gummi and
persuades her to try it out together. Will these two be around for more adventures after this stunt? It's hard to tell.....
Then, Rockell Starbux shows us what's like to be Tied and Sinking.  She's clearly not happy with her predicament as she stumbles into view with her hands tied behind her back.
But then she does the one thing she really shouldn't have, and that's to blunder into the Meadow Bog. This particular quagmire is inescapable without help, and sure enough,
no help is coming. Does freeing her hands at the last minute help?  Not really.
Next, we see Paris Kennedy  sink in the Hollywood Quicksand. Paris is a total pro, and matching her with a now-completed movie quality pit is as spectacular on video as it sounds on paper....
Fans of slow, steady sinking and a great submersion will find that this DVD pays for itself right here!
Then, Gummi tries her considerable creativity on a new idea called Sinking About Me?  It's similar to 'Sinking About You', in that she's aware of the camera. But she's not out to please the camera,
she is out to please herself.  It's not bad for a first try. And I think we have a whole bunch of selfish sinkers ready to go. So this is an attitude that will be around for a while.
Finally,  Sativa has become Sativa the Explorer
She is smoking hot in a kit that she put together herself - and hacking her way through the dense brush towards an encounter with sinking doom!
This scene is really the first, in my opinion, that shows the true potential of Camp MPV. It's wild. It's visually lush. And it's just the beginning....
Additionally, Jane , of Tropical Shots Media, treats to an extended round of peat bog sinking, Philippines style.
Sometimes it really does pay to travel 9,000 to shoot sinking videos, and Jane is walking, talking and sinking proof of that. Just sit back and enjoy this bonus feature.
If I ever get the time, I know that I will.  :-)
 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #2  DVD-R  


 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #2  DVD-R Download  
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