Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #3
Running Time 81 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here's more ground breaking content from Camp MPV!
Six scenes of stunning intensity plus a bonus goody from the Philippines. You just can't make a wrong step
They feature 
Darby O'Riley, Gummi, Star, Paris Kennedy,
, Rockell Starbux, and (Filipinas) Nina, Nicole, and Monique.
This is yet another DVD that you'll sink into over and over again. Buy it now!

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First, Darby O'Riley is a Lamia. Nobody in town knows that a serpentine she-devil is responsible for the rash of recent disappearances - except for Gummi.
In fact, Gummi is in possession of a rare artifact that is a weapon against Darby. And Gummi uses it to good effect!
This is a well played drama that kicks this DVD off in style!

Next, Star is featured glamorously in  Hollywood Quicksand.  There's not much plot here. Just a case of Beauty and the Bog - as if that's ever a waste of time!
Then, Paris makes a deadly decision when she tries to cross a patch of bog in a lush meadow. This segment has a shocking ending that's not to be missed.
Of course, that would be the case just knowing it's Paris that's doing the sinking. So, now there's two excellent reasons to watch this!
Next, we see Star Sinking in the Rain. This is a new recurring scene that we will continue to do at Camp MPV. Check Star's interpretation and see just why that is!
Then, Sativa and Rockell Starbux find out what happens when Darwin Goes to Hollywood.  It's not pretty!
Basically, two hot gals have a game of dare with a pit of quicksand and a piece of rope. How many times do they go in before Darwin strikes.
Hint - you don't need an owl to answer the question. Just buy the DVD!
Finally,  Sativa has become Sativa the Schoolgirl
Are schoolgirls and smarter than Explorers?  Not really.
This is a really nice slow sink after an initial plunge. We really do think that Sativa and Camp MPV will be seeing a lot of each other...
Then, Nina and Nicole , of Tropical Shots Media, are Bog Nurses in the first of two bonus segments on this DVD.
They are on their way to administer medicine to a grumpy. mean old man. Nina doesn't want anything to do with him and chucks the medicine into a dangerous bog hole.
Getting it out proves both dangerous and arduous as each of the two nurses sinks all the way under before being recued by the other!
Additionally, Monique shows off her Peat Bog Addiction when she innocently happens upon a great sinking spot in the woods.
Really, what's a nice pretty girl supposed to do in a situation like this?
Sink! Of course!
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 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #3  DVD-R  


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