Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #4
Running Time 95 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Yet more intense sinking action from Camp MPV!
Another six scenes of quicksand drama, plus two treats from the Philippines. Watch your step!
This DVD features 
Darby O'Riley, Paris Kennedy, Star, Rockell Starbux,
(Filipinas) Nina and May.
Get yourself a copy, because this is a DVD that you'll want to sink into over and over again!

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First, Darby O'Riley is after a Peat Bog Treasure. She was fortunate enough to hear about the treasure at the bottom of this dangerous bog, but not clever enough to check the condition of that overly-convenient life-line. Oops!

Next, Paris is featured looking very hot, and sinking in  Hollywood Quicksand.  Wearing a sexy outfit like that meant that she was destined to sink. Right?
Then, Star makes an ideal damsel in the wilderness as she tempts fate by trying to cross a boggy patch of ground. But what danger lies beneath the surface?
Relentless depth! That's what. Oh my!
Next, we see Paris discover why Ignorance is Bliss. She shows up at a clay pit in the woods for a relaxing spa treatment. But, is it the right pit?
Probably not....
Then, Rockell Starbux takes a solo turn in Hollywood Quicksand.  Rockell is the kind of gal that's comfortable in Lingerie. Little did she realize that it looks good
in quicksand as well as in her bodacious body. Snack on this visual treat while the quicksand snacks on her.
Huh? ...Never mind.
Lastly, it's time for a little togetherness as Paris shocks Star by returning from Beyond the Grave
Star thinks that she has locked up the family inheritance for herself when she tricks her sister into a boggy death. But, fate has a way of catching up with nefarious ways.
Another tale of Quicksand Justice from the squishy mind of General Woundwort....
Then, Nina shows us what it's like to have a Peat Bog Addiction. She happens upon an isolated pit in the corner of a mango plantation and just can't resist the urge to sink.
But, she has to keep her clothes as clean as possible, so we get to see some awesome looks as she hikes her skirt up and pulls her top off. Yummy!
Additionally, May makes us want to check air fares to the Philippines as she shows us just how charming an Island gal can be when she uses wet and mush (and deep) peat
as a weapon. It's rare that a beautiful woman can stay tuned into the camera for 20 non-stop minutes of sinking, but, she does, and how!
 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #4  DVD-R  


 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #4  DVD-R  Download  
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