Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #5
Running Time 82 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
The last of the Breaking New Ground series is here, and its choc full of sinking drama!
This DVD features 
Rockell Starbux, Sativa, Paris Kennedy, Star
(Filipinas) Pearl, Angie and Cherry.
And get ready for a serious dose of Paris. She is featured in no less than four of the vignettes on this disk.
This may be the end of an era, but it's a bang, not a whimper!


First, we get a double dose of sinking action that we call Two-Peat in the Woods. First Sativa, and then Rockell, wander into a dangerous bog hole deep in the wild forest.
There's a vine hanging above them, but they can't reach it, no matter how hard they try. Too bad...

Next, Paris and Star go swimming in the creek, but when they lose their way going back to camp, the end up  Swimming in Quicksand.  Will somebody come and save them?
Or are bikinis and quicksand somehow meant to always be together?...
Then, Paris gives up her impression of Sinking in the Rain. It's a dangerous bog she falls into, but there's a sturdy rope handy.
It may be just enough to assure that Paris lives to sink another day.
Next, we see Paris meeting karma head on in Dirty Pool. She's faking her own death by tossing a sweater on the surface of a bottomless bog.
But she doesn't make a very good toss and has to enter the mire and move it further out. That's when she's startled by an unexpected sound.
It's not hard to imagine what happens next. But since this is Paris, it's pretty darn special...
Then, Paris and Star give Wrestling in Hollywood Quicksand a try.  This was as much of an experiment as anything else, and it was enlightening as well as entertaining.
Who won?  We aren't sure. Waiting for them to come back up got old, so we went for lunch.
Lastly, it's revenge time as Rockell and Sativa take turns telling each other to Hold Your Breath!
Rockell has agreed to knock off Sativa, who considers Rockell a good friend. Needless to say, Sativa takes this badly, and lets Rockell know how she feels about it...
Then, we get a double dose of action from the Philippines. First, Pearl and Angie (in the shorts) play Peat Bog Tug of War. ShThe scene starts out with the two of them pulling each other into the deeper parts of the peat pit, but then digresses into the two ladies not being able to stay on solid ground. There's a ton of struggling and rescuing going on here!
Lastly, Cherry treats us to a standard exploring sequence, with a mixture of dramatic and arousal responses. After all, why mess around with outtakes and cleanup footage
when we can simply enjoy more (exclusive) sinking action? This DVD answers that question!
 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #5  DVD-R  


 Quicksand, Breaking New Ground #5  DVD-R  Download  
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