Quicksand Dramas
Running Time  2 hours 40 minutes (disc 1) and 3 hours 15 minutes (disc 2)
Available on DVD-R only
Clearer, Tighter, Sharper, Longer and just plain old More Intense
This is the one where we bring back some true gems in style! The original tapes these stories appeared on were pulled due to deficient post production but are now offered as digitally re-edited classics. There is so much material that the project has gone to two discs totaling nearly six hours of entertainment!  If you are ever going to add some quicksand drama to your DVD collection, this compilation has got to be the one!
 Following are highlights from the feature disc.  Click Here for the bonus disc.
The Shortcut features scream queen Brinke Stevens as a business woman who has run out of gas and winds up taking a fateful shortcut. She ignorantly wanders into quicksand. Will she escape?
The Hunt stars Brinke as a twisted and evil huntress. Stephanie and Mina, who thought they were going to a swim party at a country estate are her prey. The two victims end up in the clutches of deadly quicksand. Only one has a chance to survive.
Sherilyn Gold has some hot feet from walking in the desert and finds a nice cool puddle to cool off in. She finds out that more than her feet will explore this interesting puddle....
Serial Sinker features Skylar as a jealous girlfriend who makes a habit of leading women to their doom in a pit of deep and dangerous mud. Her first victim (Janice) is her rival, but after getting unexpected  satisfaction, she goes on a sinking binge and adds Stephanie, Monique and Danielle. Each act heightens her desire and culminates in a dramatic scene where she tries to murder two sisters! (played by real life sisters Mina and Lucy) Click Here to view frame captures from this story.
'Curious features Amy Lane as a sun bather who is bewitched by a patch of quicksand. She toys and plays with the shaking and quaking sand until it grabs her. She struggles to escape and finds that she can be taken by the quicksand in more ways than one!
The Tierra Del Diablo Project" features Brinke, Skylar and Mina in a send-off to that popular low budget horror movie. Brinke plays a reporter trying to get her anchor job back by exploring a haunted canyon. The three women take turns shooting video as one by one they fall victim to the curse. See what happens when blind ambition runs amuck in the land of the devil...
Skylar, a "Sunbather", performs a tribute to Pete Boggs by playing out a portion of 'In the Beach'
The Jewel of Doom stars Mina as Allison Dunn, Skylar as Synda the Jungle Girl, Brinke as an evil Baroness and Janice as her sidekick. 
All are interested in the much coveted Jewel of Doom. Hey, with a title like that, could anyone survive?
The Bird Chaser features Danielle as a young lady sunbathing topless in the woods and bewitched by a beautiful bird. 
With her eyes in the trees, she wanders into a secluded bog...
Shaun is very much Lost!
Brinke is a criminal following a trail of instructions while trying to recover her share of loot. The final set of instructions lead to a death trap. This bank robber is one tough customer though. This is quicksand with attitude!
Brinke, Skylar and Francesca play "Swampires", who feed their victims to a deadly mud pit and then go into the mud themselves to receive life energy. Trouble for the witches begins when one of them discovers another form of "energy" which can be retrieved from the mud. 
See who gets the final word in the well acted drama.
Click Here for pics from the Quicksand Dramas bonus disc.
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