Quicksand, A Fetish Runs Through It
Running Time 106 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
Oh, what to do with our little obsession?
While we contemplate that, it's time to take in another collection of sinking vignettes.
Darby O'Riley, Kym, Kristine, and Gummi, bound together by soft, treacherous ground. 
No matter where we go, we come back to the quicksand....
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First, Darby is a Happy Bog Explorer who delights in a newly discovered playground. She tentatively probes the squishy ground before slogging out deeper and deeper into it. Eventually, she settles in for a nice wallow before dragging her nubile body back through the muck towards solid ground. Darby, the scenery, and the mire are all breathtaking!

Next, it's time for a Bitch Crawl.  Dom Kristine has Kym and Darby just where she wants them - on the other side of a very dangerous bog. She then forces Kym to disrobe and crawl through the mire towards her. Will she provide much needed assistance once she gets there? That wouldn't be nice....
Then, it's a Darby's Turn to "Crawl, Bitch!"  Will she share Kym's fate? Buy this DVD and get the answer for yourself.
It's the only way to know the truth behind these shocking events!
In ChainedDarby and Kristine have escaped from a kidnappers compound and are running for their lives. Kristine is a country gal and saves them both from running straight into quicksand. But then, she realizes that the quicksand offers an ideal hiding place. So she and Darby willingly let themselves sink under the surface. And sure enough, the bad guys give up looking for them. But although Kristine knows her way around the woods, this is not always a good thing, as she then leads them around - to the same bog. Oops!
Then, Gummi goes absolutely berserk in real Canadian bog!
We didn't know what to expect from Gummi, but were pleasantly amazed at how much she reminded us of Skylar, and some of the other vintage MPV gals.
Gummi was completely on auto pilot from the time she first stepped into the bottomless muck. And as it happens, she was almost as much fun out of the bog as she was while in it. In fact, if you watch this scene, you'll have no doubt as to why we call it
Shake it all Around!
Finally, it's time for Killing Me Softly. In this dramatic story, Kym is a model who is using Darby, her assistant, to find suitable soft spots in the swamp for a muddy photo shoot.
Kym is an appalling bitch who leaves Darby to fend for herself when she finds a spot that is all too perfect for that 'dramatic' look. But as it happens, Darby is able to extract herself from the deadly trap. Can bitch Kym do the same? Maybe she could, if the bog didn't have a sense of judgment....
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 Quicksand, A Fetish Runs Through It  DVD-R  


 Quicksand, A Fetish Runs Through It  DVD-R Download  
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